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  1. @whiskeyinateacup not sure if it's different depending on how you are healing but Dr Choy took mine off after my second post-op appointment (day24). Looks like you are healing nicely! I'm also 5 weeks post op this Friday and am just sooooooo happy that I made the decision to do this. Am absolutely loving how they look! Am still a bit tender where the incisions were.. and a bit sore and still sleeping on my back propped up! Hope everyone is going well! x
  2. Great to hear everything went well @Daisyjane. It was def nerve wracking prior to the op but everyone was so wonderful and reassuring it really helped. It is so different being on the other side and thinking I can't believe I've actually done this! I'm 7 days post-op today. Am feeling much better but still need pain meds especially when I wake up in the morning. It must be the sleeping propped up. Just not used to it. I'm still really tight, like a heavy feeling of weights on my chest and I'm still really swollen. Looking forward to seeing how they turn out! speedy recovery girls! x
  3. Thanks for the update @Jabba_01. It's nice to hear everyone's story and how they are progressing. Glad u seem to be recovering well and it's nice to hear it does get better I'm day 4 post-op (I think).. surgery was on Friday... and still in a lot of pain. In fact, I'm almost out of medication and am thinking I need more. I think I have a bit more movement without intense pain but it's still sooooo tight. It's like I've had something crush my chest. I hear going under has a longer recovery? Im also happy with the results so far... size looks good but I'm wondering whether they are abit far apart? Hope they come together nicely in the end. I know I have to be patient hence why I try to avoid looking! Hope u are recovering well @whiskeyinateacup goodluck @thecuriousone X
  4. Lol I've just taken another endone hence why I'm awake at 4am!! I saw Ellis around 2:30-3pm so possibly don't think it was me? The team were AMAZING!!!
  5. Sooooo...... I'm done! On the other side of it! And goodness gracious me I'm in soooo much pain! Lucky for these meds... they take that edge off it and allow me to sleep! Cant believe I actually did it!!!
  6. @whiskeyinateacup totally freaked out on Tuesday but am much calmer now. I'm checking in tomoro at 12pm so we might very well catch each other!!! All the very best for you tomoro! I trust in our surgeon so I know we will be fine x
  7. Slowly getting a bit freaked out... two weeks to go and having funny dreams etc. Is it just me or anyone else feel the same?
  8. @whiskeyinateacup April 21st! OMG that's so crazy weird! I have literally just got the date confirmed today. I forgot about this post. I'm totally new to the forum.
  9. Hi! Small coincidence but I am also going with Dr Choy for BA. And have a tentative April date booked in! I have three kids and breastfed all of them so have saggy nipples and teeny boobs. Eeeek! I'm excited but also terribly nervous!
  10. Hi all. Im new to the forum but am finding everyone's comments very helpful. Im a mother of three whom I breast fed all and have ended up with really saggy nipples. I was an A cup before breastfeeding... went to C... now back to A. Am wondering for other mums, if you had saggy nipples and underwent BA... did you still have saggy nipples post-op? Or did u also need nipple reconstruction? Im just worried about having beautifully big boobs but saggy nipples. Photos would be great if u have them. thank heaps in advance!
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