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  1. lululemon

    JAN 2018 BOOBIES 😍

    @jinx369 I am doing my Post op bra research now.. where did you buy yours from? I told my couple of friends today about getting the surgery done and they were just soo shocked and said What the hell, why are you doing that your body, dont do it etc etc... One of the reasons I didnt want to tell them was because I didnt want to hear those things.. as I am going through quite an emotional rollercoaster ride of emotions! excited about them one day and sometimes I dont even think about it but there are times when I worry my self with stupid thoughts.. Who are you feeling?
  2. lululemon

    Any Jan 2018 ladies out there?

    No.. I am not sure. I dont know who to decide on a size. I know a lot of people already know what size it is they want and its making me more nervous that dont know the number I want. What I am looking is for a natural look not big and not small something that fits my frame right. I know that sounds so generic but I am hoping the doc can help me find the right size by looking the pictures I will be showing him.
  3. lululemon

    JAN 2018 BOOBIES 😍

    My surgery is on Jan 3rd!!
  4. lululemon

    October 2017 BA!! Looking for support :) Surgery updates!

    There was a post with checklist things to do and items to take with you on your surgery date, does anyone know where I find it?
  5. lululemon

    JAN 2018 BOOBIES 😍

    @jinx369 just had a look at your wish boobies they look good!
  6. lululemon

    Booked for Thailand Jan 2018

    So I booked my surgery its on Jan 3rd with Dr.Piyapas. Anyone else booked for Jan? How are you feeling?
  7. lululemon

    Any January 2018 girls?

    I am in Jan!!
  8. lululemon

    Any Jan 2018 ladies out there?

    I am getting mine done in Jan!! This is first time I said it out loud and it feels so weird. I have just been going through a roller coaster of emotions.. excited, nervous,worried all at the same time! I am getting mine done in Phuket with Dr.Piyapas.
  9. lululemon

    Booked for Thailand Jan 2018

    I am planning Jan 2018 too but I am thinking of going phuket tho..
  10. lululemon

    Rhinoplasty in the Phillipines

    Where did you get your surgery done in thailand? by whom? Can you please share your experience?
  11. lululemon

    March 2017 Boobies Group

    Hey kait i think i saw a few of your posts - you are from nz right? which agent did u end up choosing?
  12. lululemon

    Dr Piyapas Phuket

    yes.. I would like to know aswell