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  1. Definitely smaller! I feel so much larger and more awkward in clothes.
  2. Hi!! I got the dual plane placement and was borderline needing a lift. I was actually expecting the surgeon to recommend a lift and mentally prepared to go ahead with it but he said to do the augmentation first and then the lift if required. I wish I’d just gotten them both done at once as I am still unhappy with the sagging and nipple position. I have also spoken to people on this forum who went ahead with the aug only and are happy!! so I guess it really depends on the look you are going for, if you don’t mind some sagginess and a more “natural” type look and the nipple position doesn’t bother you, it could be fine. Especially if you are worried about scarring. Best of luck
  3. Oh wow, that’s interesting! As I already had some droopiness I’d be worried that it would be much worse after implant removal but at this point I feel it would be better than what I have now. Thanks for your response @TheFox
  4. Thanks @TheFox - can I ask if there is loose skin/sagging with the removed implants and what was the cost of having them removed? And if you don’t want to give the actual cost, how did it compare to the cost of inserting the implants (same, half, a third, etc)? thanks!
  5. Thanks for your responses! I was borderline on needing a lift and got 300cc implants, which I guess filled me out more than I had hoped. When I said I wanted a natural look it was first suggested that I go with 265 and 285 (I think, can’t remember exact sizing but in the 200s!). I actually went with the 300 cc after using the rice sizers and reading so much about people getting boob greed and now I have the opposite! They are round implants and I do also feel like they are an odd shape - probably because I am in need of a lift down the track. I think I will go back at my 6 month consultation as originally planned and discuss my options. If it will be a third of the price I may be able to consider it (I paid $10k all up).
  6. Hello, I had breast augmentation surgery in August and I am unhappy with my results. They are way too large and wide and project too much. I was a saggy C and hoping to fill my upper pole and end up with a D cup but I am now a large DD-E and look way too top heavy to the point I feel uncomfortable in clothes, and bathers especially now that it’s summer. Has anyone successfully gone through with a revision to smaller implants and what were your results? Was the cost the same as the original surgery? I really can’t afford more surgery at the moment but I’m so unhappy with the result, they are way too obvious and I didn’t even want anyone to know about it, I just wanted my breasts filled out Thanks!
  7. @dreams I definitely feel a little more bloated, I think due to not being active and also I have been overeating due to boredom of being house bound!! I was constipated the first few days too which didn't help, but I'm hoping if I eat fairly healthily over the next few weeks whilst I can't work out I won't put much weight on, a bit scared to get on the scales right now! @Mumof3boys good luck with your surgery! Let us know how you go ?
  8. I've just tried on some bikini tops and they look f@&$ing huge lol! Hoping that the swelling goes down and they don't stay this big. Thanks all for the reassurance ?
  9. Did your surgeon say that size would give you a DD cup? I wanted no bigger than a D and left it up to the surgeon on the day and he bought sizes from 250-350 to try. I was actually thinking they were way too big first day so I'm happy I didn't go bigger but if you want a DD maybe the 375 is the way to go. I think that each 25cc is only a tablespoon or something like that, so the extra 50cc shouldn't be too noticeable and you don't want to regret not going big enough!
  10. @Mumof3boys I went 300cc mod plus profile - I did have some breast tissue to begin with (a deflated C cup) and the surgeon said that I should end up a full D
  11. Wow you all look great! I'm also loving the results day 3 after being a little freaked out and thinking that they looked super swollen the first couple of days. I've also had a few teary moments and ups and downs - now I know why people say that it is an emotional rollercoaster. Sleeping has been surprisingly okay. As a full time stomach and side sleeper, I thought that I would really struggle with the sleep thing, but I've been getting a decent sleep each night. I've been taking pain meds before bed so maybe they are helping to knock me out? In the morning it's a bit of a struggle to get out of bed but not as hard as I was expecting. The bloating/constipation struggle is real, no way am I thinking of getting on the scales right now! I haven't been eating as much as I haven't been so hungry due to the bloating so hoping it will die down as I've wound down the use of painkillers to overnight only. im also feeling quite good which is a worry in a way as it might lead me to strain myself, I've been able to drive (last night and today and my surgery was on Tuesday) and I can lift heavy ish things but I'm trying not to. I was hanging clothes up today and could feel a slight strain after I did so, hope I haven't damaged anything. I find it so hard to rest and do nothing @dreams and @T_Rouge you both look great! Here are a couple of boob selfies.
  12. Thank you! He didn't, actually. I have my first follow up appointment next week so will discuss this then. Wow I didn't realise that it would take that long but hoping that it comes back
  13. I'm feeling the same @lovejugs had my BA this week and every time I see them both in and out of the bra I'm like OMG what have I done, they are too huge and everyone is going to notice! So glad to hear that other people have been in the same boat and I hope that they settle a bit, especially come summer!
  14. Hello! I am only 2 days post op but have almost completely numbed breasts. I was just wondering if this is normal and if so when it should subside? It's a really weird feeling and I only noticed it now after all the anaesthetic and meds have finally worn off and I'm feeling semi normal.
  15. I'm still feeling okay today, just a little bit weak with anything chest related, which is expected! I had a shower today which felt great. The only weird side effect I've had is itching all over - I'm thinking maybe it's an allergy to one of the meds? Will have to call the surgeons office tomorrow! I'm only meant to be taking the pain meds for another day anyway, I might see how I'm feeling in the morning and go without. Best of luck to the girls with upcoming surgeries looking forward to sharing the journey with you all
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