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  1. How is everyone going? I’m feeling almost 100% now, although I still have some swelling in between my breasts which I’m a bit concerned about. Aside from that, they’re getting softer each day and feeling more like me. Is everyone else going well? Xx
  2. I had my op 3.5 weeks ago, am so happy with the results! Feeling great now, the recovery was up and down but overall pretty uneventful. I think rest was key for me, as long as I could get some sleep I felt good, it wasn’t very painful, just the incision sites are a bit sore and the skin feels a bit like it’s burning. I was 12a before, got 395cc anatomical cohesive gel - they are a great shape. Not sure what’s suze I’d be now as my surgeon says no bras for 6 weeks, but I’m guessing 12D. Good luck with your op, I think you’ll be really happy!
  3. @iDream_of_CeeCees I think you look incredible! I totally understand how you feel about wishing you'd gone bigger, I keep thinking I'm happy with my size, but as they're getting smaller each day with the swelling going down, they're looking MUCH smaller than when I had them done, I'm just over 3 weeks po and wondering if they're going to fluff at all. Your shape looks awesome! I'm also thinking mine are softening, but still super firm...hoping as they're cohesive gel that there's still a long way to go re: feel. I think we just need to focus on the fact that we're all much better now compared to how we were before, it's so easy to think about the "what ifs" though!
  4. I had a pretty good recovery, but still waited two weeks to drive. I'm three weeks two days post op now and still feel a little sore when I drive (the seatbelt hurts where it rubs too). I'd say go with what your surgeon suggests, I did a massive shop the other day and carried heavy bags and was so sore the next day. Good luck!
  5. Wow @Delafox that's soon! Congrats on making your appt. I've heard really good things about Dr Tavakoli, have you decided what kind of implant and size etc? I took a cancellation appt too and went in really soon after my consult - less time to stress!
  6. Congrats @Wanting boobs! I hope your recovery goes really well!
  7. I was in at 9:30am Wednesday, then again today and saw him both times. Did you see him or the nurse? How's your recovery coming along?
  8. @oncewasasurfboard did Mark see you before you were discharged from hospital?? I think he's there tomorrow as I was meant to have my 2 week follow up with him but I couldn't make it so they've put me in on Friday. If you have questions maybe just ask to see him? I know he's busy, but considering all you went through I would think you should def be having a follow up with him. Good luck! Let us know how you go xx
  9. I went with Mark and am freaking out about everything from size to shape etc. Kind of wishing I could wear a bra too as my incisions are getting really sore at the end of the day, I'm scared the implants are trying to escape ? Honestly though, I think Mark absolutely knows what works best - he does 20 BAs a week. I keep reminding myself it's prob just my anxiety playing up (not to say that's happening with you, but it's very likely with me ?). I think if anything is concerning you, you just have to tell them you want to go back in and see him for a PO consult. With the amount we've paid I don't think it's unreasonable. I think you absolutely will D&F, it's such early days! I'm not sure how long our type of implant takes though compared to round smooth ones?
  10. @HXC you look incredible! So natural! @oncewasasurfboard I've sent you a pm
  11. Oh nooo!!! You poor thing. To be honest my first couple of days were flawless, it's only been the last few days since I had a reaction to the endone that things have taken a turn for the worse. Best advice I can give is stay on top of your meds, I think I had a reaction because I thought I was fine and stopped them, then had too many and got sick. Now I'm just exhausted and feel crap. Your shape looks very similar to mine, I posted pics but took them down after freaking out that this thread has had thousands of views ? Happy to post them privately if you want to see, just not sure how to do it. Please please rest and take it easy, I wish I'd been a bit more low key, and monitored my meds too. Who was your anaesthetist? I had Manesh Patel. I'm so sorry you had such a terrifying experience . Hopefully in a couple of weeks we'll both be feeling awesome.
  12. Omg @oncewasasurfboard!!! How horrendous! I'm so sorry you had such a bad experience with the anaesthetic. Hoping you're feeling better now? You must be exhausted. As for your results, they look AMAZING!!! Get heaps of rest, I'm on day 6 today and really feeling like the exhaustion has hit the last couple of days. Do you have someone looking after you? Take care!!
  13. @thumper14 you look great! @oncewasasurfboard good luck today! I'm sure it will go really well.
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