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  1. Poor Demi- I hope she finds someone else that makes her happy. As for me, I have always gone for older men. I split with my long term partner last year. Since then I've had some fun nights out with friends, where I've flirted and had some fun with younger men, but I haven't found any that I would want to date. It's probably not about the age but just the personality of the guys I know.
  2. It has been a long time since I was on last. mumof5, I had 450 cc implants. I'm a 10 DD in some bras and a 12 D at other times. Did you end up getting your BA done?
  3. So glad that you had such a great experience. I had a lot of fun in Thailand after surgery too, I want to go back for another holiday to see more of the island (as I only saw Bangkok city). I am so jealous of the elephant ride!- Lucky you! Glad you got the boobies you wanted, how about your friend- was she happy with her surgery as well? Have you got pics up of your experience? I just posted some of mine today, the befores are bad but I figured it only helps people when they can see where you came from. Thanks for sharing your story- it bought back many wonderful memories!
  4. I have silicone and it is sort of firm. This might change over time but if you want soft squishy boobs I think that the cohesive gel is not as 'real' feeling.
  5. I had the same thing after bf babies- my boobs looked nearly concave! I wanted 'D' cups too, from an 'A' cup. If you want to look at my album it is in my profile in a public album. I love my new boobs- worth everything! I can't help with sydney surgeons because I went to Thailand but the photos might help with your decision making. I got 450cc .
  6. WOOHoo! I am first on the poll. I had mine done in the crease. I thought about the armpit type but I wanted too big an implant. I also heard that it hurts more going through the underarm because of the side muscles it has to pass- plus I figured that I would need to have them done again before I'm 90, and so I would end up with another scar eventually. My scar is really neat and small so not a problem at all. My recovery was pretty good too.
  7. Hi girls, I am new to this forum but I went to Dr Preeyaphas. I just uploaded some of my photos so if you are interested go to my profile. Just a warning- the befores are not pretty! I went through BM and was very happy with the whole process, I came home with so much shopping -but that is Thailand for you My "after" photo was taken just when I got home- about 14 days after surgery.
  8. In response to this link- I would like to point out that there was a woman on here last year who had a TERRIBLE TERRIBLE experience after using that Perth plastic surgeon who's website that link is on. She deleted all but one of her posts due to legal issues I believe (not on this website but because she had a lawyer involved and was likely advised not to post anything that would harm her case). Her breast reduction resulted in a severe (in hospital for months following the surgery for redressing and treatment) staph infection, excessive botched scarring and her breasts were very lopsided. Everything that could go wrong pretty much did and when she tried to seek legal redress she was told that it would be near impossible to get another plastic surgeon who would give a 'medical review' saying that a fellow surgeon had botched a surgery, so without a valid medical evaluation against her first surgeon she had no way of seeking compensation.... seems like a very scary situation if something goes wrong- I used to be under the impression that if your surgeon was a member of the board of plastic surgery you had some insurance against problems.... but what if its just a great club to protect themselves?
  9. $180 is a lot for just an initial consult... either he is very busy and doesn't need many new patients or he just doesn't want the work because that is more than any of my consults!! Who are you going with for the tummy tuck now?
  10. BAHAHAA... who would have guessed? Is it still swollen looking? I love the name 'ken doll', it conjures up suck images Do most people get it? Does it effect things in that area .... hmmm, maybe that is a bit personal! sorry... just curious!
  11. Thankyou for sharing your story! I really appreciate it. Sounds like you are doing well and glad to hear that you are walking tall again I will go have a look at your photos now. CONGRATULATIONS! its all down hill for you know
  12. Congratulations! Hope you have a speedy recovery:)
  13. Firstly, congratulations on having a date set! You must be so excited:) 2 days doesn't seem very long. Is that including the day of surgery? If so, I would be asking to stay in longer. I'm pretty sure they don't let you go until you have your drains taken out. In which case, 2 days would be too soon. I guess it depends on your recovery. Did your PS say how long most of his/her patients stay in for? I don't really like being in hospital, but I would be too scared to leave while the drains were still in...ouch:eek:
  14. Oh just a tip. Don't watch any funny movies during the first week, because laughing hurts like hell! I found the first 10 days were the hardest, but once you get past that you're laughing (with much less pain:). Also, try and walk around as soon as you can. This will help with the recovery. Good Luck;)
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