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  1. I had mine done at 7am on the 17th, i honestly felt fiiiiine after the surgery and even managed to go for a walk the next day to a hairdresser to get my hair done ? Today has been the hardest, I'm really bloated and puffy everywhere. I feel like I'm retaining so much water. I didn't have any pain killers during the day despite being out and about, but I'm about to have some now to help me fall asleep (it's around 8pm) If you have Instagram feel free to add my BA account tcidrkenny_oct17 to see pics, they look kinda franken-boobie weird rn and I still can't believe I went with XHP but overall Im really happy with the experience. How have you been going? Can i ask if you're having any bruising or swelling? I have light bruising in between, all my sides are swollen (looks like ive got some massive back muscles lol) and my abs are SOOOO tired lol Xx
  2. Hi all, My stats are 163cm, 48kg, 10A pre op We chose 285cc XHP, round under the muscle. I had my BA yesterday morning with Dr.Kenny at Southport tci, and I want to say I cannot fault the experience. Dr Kenny, the nurses, anesthesiologist to the admin were all just lovely. The premisis was clean and stylish. I would definitely recommend Dr.Kenny and the Southport clinic.
  3. I am having a BA in less than 2 wks and I stumbled across some articles and videos on YT about breast implant illness. Has anyone here experienced this or have any knowledge on the topic? Will it happen to everyone? Thanks
  4. Im not im just curious lol Random questions pop into my head all the time ? excited!
  5. Hi, I am booked in for my BA with dr Kenny at TCI in October and im just wondering if they do pregnancy or blood tests before the surgery? Thanks
  6. Hi all! An update! Cosmeditour contacted me today saying, and I quote "We have re assesed your photos and our surgeon says he can do a round implant for the price of $6999" So now I'm confused. They told me that there was no way I could have round but now they've changed their minds? Im curious how the photos of my breasts managed to change in the last couple of days, and why the surgeon had a change of heart. To me something doesnt seem right. Im following my gut and choosing not to go with cosmeditour as kinda feel like they were dishonest with me, not to mention the admin staff was quite rude. Please dont judge but I have decided to have a consult with Dr Kenny at TCI in October. He has some great reviews and has worked in my city including the hospital I was born in hahaha and if I truly do need the teardrop implants then I can have them for the same price as cosmeditour. Ill update again after my skype consult in 2wks!
  7. Hi All! I have recently been looking at getting a BA and sent my photos off to cosmeditour and TCI. Cosmeditour contacted me back saying they would only offer me teardrop implants as I have little breast tissue/asymmetry. Tci contacted me back and said they could do either implant, and that cosmeditour often pushes teardrop as theu cost more. Is this true? I'm so confused I dont know who to believe! I feel so disappointed bc I have wanted round implants from the very beginning and every reference photo ive saved is of a girl with round implants! I don't want to pay more for teardrop which i never wanted in the first place, but I also don't wanna come out with botched boobies! Any help or experience is helpful! Thanks x
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