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  1. Hi everyone, I am looking for the best tummy tuck surgeon in Australia. I dont mind travelling for the best and I dont care about price. Who do you recommend as the best of the best?
  2. Hi Louis ive been really doing my research and Dr Miroshniks boobs really appeal to me. I did find some unhappy patients online - some are on realself and it was a bit difficult to find - it seems that no one mentions his name in the posts about being unhappy but its easy to find out who they are talking about if you click on their profile. Here is one https://www.realself.com/question/sydney-au-desperate-ba-march-2016-left-breast-awful-wrong-fixed and there is another on this forum where she posted pics to the questions and answers Both seem to have similar problems and im concerned it may be the internal bra that he talks about. I also read that he was sued in 2014 after a patient of his nearly died from complications after surgery. All in all most people see happy and I feel that no matter how good the surgeon is, there will be complications. Im more interested to know how he deals with them.
  3. Looking for some information from anyone who has experience with Dr Miroshnik and his internal bra which I have seen on instagram. Why the internal bra - it sounds scary and no one talks about doing it in first timers. Why is he doing that?