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  1. I have about 350cc own tissue, the 450/500 will be in addition to that not replace it... Thanks for the response everyone! I guess I dont have to worry about looking fatter with big boobies...
  2. My BA is scheduled in 3 weeks and I am still overthinking the CC's I should get. I love to go quite big but I am worried it will make me look fat. I have also read that this is possible. Did any of you feel fatter (with clothes on) after your BA when looking in the mirror? I think especially with wider/lose clothes it does make you bigger overall? A higher projection maybe does this more than a moderate profile? I am 172cm, 73kg and have 14,5cm bwd, currently have about 350cc own tissue according to the doc, and want to go for mentor mod plus 500cc dual plane. Think I will end up with 14E/F...but if it will really make me look fat i rather do 450.
  3. Hey everyone, I just wanted to get your opinion on this. I have my BA scheduled but I'm totally unsure about the size. My doctor said I have about 350cc of natural tissue and I'm thinking about getting 475cc mentor moderate plus, unders. However when trying 475 it looks a bit too large... So 425 looks better but then I read that fitting always looks a bit larger so perhaps 475 is good? I have gone through hundreds of before/after pics of women with my stats and noone were really huge with 475cc...however when I look in the mirror they look massive. I made some rice sizers with stockings so I can test it at home. I am 172cm, 73kg and have 14cm bwd. So my question is... Do you feel like the result is as it looked like when fitting in the office or smaller or bigger? Any thoughts on my cc's? Thanks
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