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    Aussierose02 got a reaction from Ally awaits boobs in New Boobies possibly Dr Ellis Choy   
    Hi there! 
    I just had a BA with Ellis in January this year and I couldn't be happier. I was mildly tuberous and borderline lift- so not a standard case- and he did such an amazing job. I got anatomical implants in a dual plane placement and I think from memory I paid just over $10000 for mine including hospital fees etc. 
    I would highly recommend him but if you have any other questions feel free to ask me!
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    Aussierose02 got a reaction from jinx369 in Any Jan 2018 ladies out there?   
    Hi there! I'm due to have my mild tuberous breasts corrected on January 8th 2018 with dr Ellis Choy in Sydney. 
    Feeling a little lonely at the moment, so I would appreciate some tips or advice for anything and everything- especially sizing! I have a very small chest but my breasts are relatively wide set. Is anyone else in this boat? 
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    Aussierose02 got a reaction from pink butterfly in Wide gap between breasts   
    Sounds like your shape and size is very similar to mine. I go to the gym a lot also so don't have to be weighed down my big boobs. I think I'll try on the sizers but probably stick in the low 300cc range. Now just to decide the profile. He mentioned that he thought high profile would be best, but when I looked into it, it seemed that high profile gave more of a gap compared to a mod profile. So many decisions! 
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    Aussierose02 got a reaction from jinx369 in JAN 2018 BOOBIES ?   
    Hi there! I'm getting my Tuberous breasts fixed on January 8th. No idea what size to choose though?! 
    Im a very very small top half frame, I'm about 163cm and 50kgs. My surgeon is Dr Ellis Choy in Sydney and recommends 345cc for my bigger breast and 390cc for my smaller. We will be doing anatomical implants and dual plane muscle technique. Will this be too big for me? Or not big enough? So hard to choose! 
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