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    Want BA with fat grafting
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    In process of attending consults with PS. Planning to have surgery in 2018
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    164cm, 52kg, AA before want a small c cup
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  1. Hi, I have been following your journey and have had one consult with PS recommending 255cc. We discussed 295 but I was worried they would be too big. Wondering if you will accept my friend request. Thanks.
  2. Goodluck Keanasabean!! Can't wait to hear about your progress.
  3. Hi wantboobs, I have similar stats to you 164cm and 52 kgs but I am starting with a blank palette (size AA). I have been researching BA for a while and just yesterday got a referral to plastic surgeons Ashton and Tavakoli. I want implants that are proportionate to to my size as I have small hips (about a size 6). After my BA I want to be able to wear the same clothes I have been wearing- just without the empty water bra! I want to stay under 250cc but I'm not sure how small to go. Would you be able to add me so I can see your gallery please? Is there anyone else on here with smaller implants that doesn't mind sharing?
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