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  1. Moderate Plus or HP

    Hi, I'm booked in for my BA this Thursday. I am very similar stats to you, 160cm, 53-53kg, bwd 13cm and starting at 10a. My surgeon has recommended 350cc smooth round, mod + under the muscle. I opted for 375cc as I was able to go up to 400cc and I know you lose approx 25 going under the muscle. I think choosing sizers is the most difficult part of the process. I am still so very uncertain I've chose the right size and will be so dissatisfied if I look too conservative. I have never had large breasts, but I've breastfed 4 kids for a total of 4 years and was once upon a time a b cup. I have no upper pole and I know that the rounds will give me the fullness that I'm after. I was unsure as to why my surgeon recommended mod + but I called to ask why and the nurse said it's because I wasn't after the stuck on look that high profile can sometimes create. I know my surgeon has a good reputation so I am just putting my faith in him and fingers crossed I get the outcome I desire. You have plenty of time to make up your mind, go back and have a second consult, research as much as you can and you'll soon decide what's best for you. Goid luck ☺️
  2. I am going with Mark Lee. I know he prefers using rounds, however I have no upper pole so I know that these would work best for me ☺️
  3. Thanks! I am a 10a (barely 😭) but a width of a b my surgeon said. My bwd is 13cm, 160cm & 53kg 😁
  4. I'm having my BA on Thursday and having smooth rounds 375cc mod + under the muscle. I've been torn with sizes and I'm hoping that this size will get me a small D!
  5. Advise Please!!! Dr Mark Lee

    Thanks girls! So much uncertainty for something that's going to be so permanent and it's overwhelming. I would also like to know why Mark only uses rounds. It seems most other ps prefer tear drop.
  6. Advise Please!!! Dr Mark Lee

    Thanks so much. I decided to call Marks office and I am going in Monday to try on sizers again. I think this will ease my mind. I will also bring a pic of my ideal outcome. I've sent a friend request 😁
  7. I would love for some of you ladies to ease my mind, especially Mark Lees patients! I am booked in for breast aug surgery at the end of April however, I am really struggling with if I've made the right decision! I am 161cm, 53kg, bwd 13cm. I have 4 children who have all been breastfed for total 4 years so they have been ravished. I am currently a a cup, although Mark said I have the width of a b. Mark said I have the option of going up to a 400cc however recommended 350cc smooth round, under muscle and moderate plus. I never booked surgery in straight away and when I called the clinic to book I changed my mind on size and went with 375cc (in between what Mark recommended and maximum size) It's so hard trying to incision what this may look like, I'm hoping I haven't gone too big and at the same time I want it to be worth it. My ideal end result would be a small d. I feel I may have rushed my consult and instead of showing Mark my goal boobs I just said what size I would like to be! I would love to schedule another appt prior to surgery just so we are on the same page and also make sure I've chose the right size before the implants need to be paid for on Wed. Is there anyone here who would be willing to show me after pics with similar stats and same implant sizes? Thanks