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  1. Private health cover

    Only speaking from my own personal experience here. My private health care didn’t cover any of my BA. I have top hospital and extras and still nothing, not even the hospital stay or anaesthetic. Because it’s considered “elective cosmetic surgery” and it’s not needed for a medical reason. I have heard though if you have been recommended by your G.P. to see a plastic surgeon that then you may be able to claim some of it. See how you go, Goodluck!
  2. Thanks ladies, that’s what I was hoping
  3. Hi ladies I’m 5 days post op with 375cc anatomical dual plane polyurethane implants. I was just wondering if your breast shape changed in the following months after surgery or if how they look when you woke up is how they’ve stayed? Note - I have read on here in previous posts that these types of implants can cause heated discussions so please only reply if you do have these implants. Thanks
  4. Patrick Tansley at North East Plastic surgery in Brisbane. He is so thorough and does excellent work!!