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  1. Tomorrow’s fly out day count down is one for my break from work next 12hrs of work, cant finish fast enough, would have liked a quite night to not be doing much with my chest muscles as I’m work in a process mill at the mines, but looks like I me swing off hoses and tools here’s to a sleep in tomorrow before out flight to Sydney for Monday’s new Rack...😊 still very nervous of the unknown
  2. I’m getting my new Bolt on’s on the 21st, and have been worried in the opposite direction That my implant sizes where too big had a couple of freak outs, as I’m only 155cm tall sit around 53-55kg and was a A- very sad B cup have gone with a 295cc under the muscle quite active with horses and shooting and work in a processing mill so I have many a stair to go up and down for 12 hrs was after the natural not out there to feel more female, fill out my shirts I already have never had boob envy, spoke to my surgeon about going down but there was a big drop in size so I’m just trying to relax n stop stressing bout the unknown that is what am finding the scariest but please I spoke to my surgeon as he said the size below wouldn’t give me the look I wanted barely make a difference n he believes that my size will suit n not look out of wack. Did offer if I wished to come in for another try of the sizes I was more then welcome but I live a good 12hrs away so that’s not a option
  3. @Teardrops yes starting get real, seeing the funds disappear from the bank account 😂, Paying different people
  4. Would anyone have any before and afters and what sizes you were to now, do the fuzzies drop and fluff . and what was your list of pre op do and don’t diet etc Nd the bra you had to get ?
  5. 21st of May in Sydney having. 295cc Tear drop German fuzzies under the muscle
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