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    How did you do with your consultation with Dr Oseka Onuma? I too am interested in vaginoplasty/ vaginal tightening (not labioplasty); but when I google, only labioplasty or the MonaLisa Touch Laser treatment come up for 'tightening' and neither will correct an overstretched V from birth deliveries. Dr Oseka Onuma 's name does pop up, but no others. It seems to be widely available in the USA, but not here in Oz. 

    Any ideas.

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    Hi ladies,
    I have an appointment next Tuesday with a surgeon and am going to get vaginoplasty done, hopefully in the next few weeks.  Once I’m done I’ll definitely share my experience in the hope it could help someone making a decision to do this and about the surgeon doing it. My husband saw the same surgeon I booked in for and had penile thickening and he’s pleased with his results, however, I still find the need to do vaginoplasty for sexual purposes. Hopefully I’ll be back next month with a review of my personal experience. 
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    Hi everybody!
    After so many years reading, researching and looking for personal stories and information regarding to vaginoplasty/ vaginal tightening- I've decided that this is the year I'm going to go ahead with the procedure and document the process. I aim on sharing my story to help others and give more insight into a procedure that's so hard to follow up on here in Australia. 
    A little about myself: I'm turning 30 towards the end of the year. I've had 2 daughters, my last was born in 2012. She was a large baby and while delivering I had an episiotomy and tore aswell. Since her birth things vaginally have never been the same! Sex is awful- to the point that I literally want to break down and cry every time. My vaginal area constantly feels heavy, I have to constantly wear liners, I'm embarrassed by it and have lost my sense of womanhood (if that makes sense). I've tried natural ways of tightening, kegal machines/ ball etc, and have seen gynos and physios. I'm absolutely blessed to have had two beautiful girls, however I'm documenting this for the women who are experiencing the same situation.
    After previously having contacted and enquired with many surgeons throughout the years: plastic, cosmetic and gynocologists (some not personally but through their nurses or receptionists) in Australia and overseas. I've narrowed my search down to a few but one in particular I'll document for now.
    His name is Dr Oseka Onuma and he's based in Adelaide. I've previously had a personal phone interview with him at the beginning of 2016- in which he was extremely thorough, helpful, professional and insightful. 
    I've booked a physical consultation to see him in early February in Adelaide.
    Im going to update my personal journey over the course of the year, so please if you want to follow or ask me any questions I'd be happy to share my experience.
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