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  1. Thankyou so much. I am day 3 so this information is well received.
  2. Thanks everyone. Very swollen though and a bit uncomfortable. Xx Thankyou. Xx
  3. Hi SunnyCoast. Everything went well thanks. At home in bed watching movies. A bit sore but nothing to worry about. Just have to wait and see how they change. Hi, had my op yesterday and everything went well. Just resting up now and to see the changes. Hi had my op yesterday and everything went well. So just lazing around watching movies.
  4. Dr Mansoor Mirkezemi. Breast implants. The consultation was extremely thorough and informative. I feel very confident and knowledgeable about everything being done.
  5. I just had a consult with him today. I have another with Dr Mansoor Mirkazemi next week and will then decide who to go with.
  6. I hated mine also. Mark Ashton couldn't bring the images up, so I only got to look at one horrid picture.
  7. Hi TheFox I've recently had a consult with Mark Ashton (i have used him before to fix a scar) I felt the consult was rushed and he couldn't get the Vectra 3d to work properly so could only see one profile pic which was awful. He showed me one on his computer and said that's how they would turn out. At $15,000 i know he's one of the top but curious as to why you are choosing the Sydney surgeon and not Mark Ashton for your revision.
  8. Hello I was wondering if you went ahead with your surgery and who did you end up going with. I have had a consultation with Mark Ashton and will be seeing Dr Greensmith also. It's so much information and very hard to decide.
  9. Confused about surgeons. I have had a consultation with Professor Mark Ashton and was very happy, although at $15,000 very expensive. I am having another consult with Andrew Greensmith to see what he says, not that price should make a difference when it comes to your body, but he is half the price. Could I have some feedback on who has seen both surgeons and what outcomes have you had? In fact any recommendations would be appreciated. Thank you
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