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    BA to correct size asymmetry. Left boob is naturally a full C cup while my right one never grew much and is barely an A. Looking to get about 200cc on the left and 400cc on the right.
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    Dr Richardson, 14th December 2018
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    173cm, 58kg, left C cup/ right A cup

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  1. I am almost exact same stats as you, I started with asymmetry but my smaller side was only about an A and I got 335 on that side (round motiva ergonomix) and 180 on my bigger side, feel free to send me a FR so you can see what that size would look like on a similar frame to your own bear in mind if you are starting with a B you are starting out with more than I had! So you would look bigger
  2. Hey @Chook81 my righty was also being super stubborn (I expected as much given that I started off with an asymmetry and less natural tissue on the right) but literally in the past week it seems to have suddenly softened and relaxed so much, just one of those things mine have ended up looking almost completely symmetrical which is more than I ever expected considering the asymmetry I started with, so if you started with more symmetry I reckon time is all that is needed I was advised by my surgeon to do some pretty firm downward and side to side massage to encourage the stubborn one down and that seems to have helped Officially allowed to stop wearing my compression bra today (6weeks post op today woo!) and had so much fun bra shopping! It’s so much better when the bras actually fit and look nice with decent boobs, I used to actively avoid it! @Frankie* I totally agree with that 6 day/weeks/months thing so far
  3. I got curious today with a tape measure and used this calculator to figure out what I would be right now haha https://www.berlei.com.au/bra-size-calculator so apparently I am currently an 8E, but could probably go with a 10D? I'm less than a week post op so this is just my impatience showing hahaha
  4. Tori14


    Don't have any advice but I would love to know this too!! I tried on my favourite bikini yesterday and it looked ridiculous ?
  5. @JD* yep! Every time I accidentally brush past them it is so tender haha. Apparently this is normal though? I'm getting over feeling so bloated haha my belly looks like I'm a few months pregnant ?
  6. @Chook81 yes definitely was so worried! After looking forward to it so long and then suddenly it's here! I think I kept thinking about being put under and being cut open and that freaked me out but honestly had nothing to worry about, wasn't aware of anything happening at all and haven't felt any pain! It all happens so quickly hopefully it does for you too and you won't even have time to worry
  7. @AS1 hahahha good luck to him!! He'll have a new found appreciation for you after this that's for sure ? I planned to watch so much Netflix and read and plan Xmas stuff but so far I can't stop napping all the time, feel like a grandma ?
  8. @AS1 glad to hear it went well! Hope you enjoy the rest now, I know I am
  9. @JD* yeah omg even one day post op I was doing the dishes and I shouldn't have to! He was just like 'I'll do them later' but they look so messy waiting there on the side ? And he has just left stuff laying around everywhere, and the beds aren't made, I can't deal! ?? hahaha these days I am pretty sure you could definitely buy a contraption to stick your phone to the wall for selfie taking ? they have thought of everything when it comes to selfies! ?
  10. @Mrs LG surgery was yesterday and went well! Feel free to check out my progress pics, bigger one doesn't need to drop that much whereas the smaller one with the bigger implant still has a way to drop, but it's such a novelty at the moment to look down and see two boobs instead of one!! Already so happy, you will be so stoked when your time comes round! Can't wait to feel comfortable in bras and clothes!
  11. @JD* yeah I am already being driven crazy by the state of the place too!! I like things to be put away and clean but my partner is more laid back and takes an 'I'll just do it later' approach haha, I wish I could give the place a good vacuum! I have taken a couple of pics and uploaded them for gallery friends to see, pretty sure you're one of my gallery friends already so hopefully you can see them let me know if not! I have only uploaded pre op and then a couple of hours post op so far, will try and take some better one today or tomorrow, I haven't actually taken off my crop top yet to have a proper look! In the post op one I still had an ice pack in below my boobs near the incisions so those pics look a bit lumpy hahaha. Can't wait to see your progress too! I keep looking in the 'before and after drop and fluff' thread at all the other girl's results and they all just look fab so excited
  12. @JD* yeah I am taking the same approach, anything they say that will help I am gonna do it for the best outcome! I am wearing like a light crop top until my post op appt and then they say I will change to a compression bra. I can't believe it's been 2 weeks already for you that has flown! Have you found that you can move a bit more now without getting stabby pains in your chest? At the moment I can't seem to open the fridge or pull open a draw or anything without my partner doing it for me because of the stabby pains! Other than that I haven't had any pain at all My left one (originally bigger with more tissue and smaller implant) is already sitting lower as expected, but the mass of my right one is still quite high as it's the bigger implant and less tissue to start with. Can't wait until it drops to be like the other one from the side they look exactly the same size just one is sitting higher still as it's only day 1 I took photos yesterday and today and it already seems to be dropping lower!
  13. @AS1 woo good luck! I had mine yesterday morning first thing and it was all over before I knew it!! And now I can't stop looking at them and feeling them ?? so exciting you'll be stoked! Thanks @JD* I hope mine turn out as good as yours! Don't know how many cc's I got yet because it was all going to be dependent on what matched best with my size difference, but Dr Richardson is giving me a call today to see how I am so I will ask him then so happy
  14. Thanks @Chook81! its done! I have 2 boobs now instead of 1! Feeling groggy still but slowly coming round getting bored waiting until my partner is allowed to come and see me! So glad I have finally done this after 12 years of feeling like a mutant! Can't wait to see them
  15. Congrats @Ezza98 @JD* and @Olivia81 first week almost over now? How are you feeling? I bet they would be looking so different already to how they started! This time next week I will have boobs... feeling poor as the funds have officially departed my bank account and Xmas shopping isn't helping either! ? But I'll get the best present of all next week hehehe Has anyone else had heaps of weird dreams leading up to the surgery? I've had at least 3 dreams now where it's surgery day, and I wake up from surgery and I feel my boobs and they haven't changed, I still have one bigger and one super flat!! and the doctor is like, no that's it they're done and I'm super disappointed and confused haha. Then I wake up and am relieved it wasn't real life ? I've also had a dream where I am awake during surgery telling the surgeon 'no that's too small put the bigger one in instead' hahaha. Getting super impatient now! Not just for boobs but also for an early break up from work for Xmas woohoo Goodluck for tomorrow @The_bright_side!!
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