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    BA to correct size asymmetry. Left boob is naturally a full C cup while my right one never grew much and is barely an A. Looking to get about 200cc on the left and 400cc on the right.
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    Dr Richardson, 14th December 2018
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    173cm, 58kg, left C cup/ right A cup

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  1. Thanks @Chook81! its done! I have 2 boobs now instead of 1! Feeling groggy still but slowly coming round getting bored waiting until my partner is allowed to come and see me! So glad I have finally done this after 12 years of feeling like a mutant! Can't wait to see them
  2. Congrats @Ezza98 @JD* and @Olivia81 first week almost over now? How are you feeling? I bet they would be looking so different already to how they started! This time next week I will have boobs... feeling poor as the funds have officially departed my bank account and Xmas shopping isn't helping either! 😅 But I'll get the best present of all next week hehehe Has anyone else had heaps of weird dreams leading up to the surgery? I've had at least 3 dreams now where it's surgery day, and I wake up from surgery and I feel my boobs and they haven't changed, I still have one bigger and one super flat!! and the doctor is like, no that's it they're done and I'm super disappointed and confused haha. Then I wake up and am relieved it wasn't real life 😅 I've also had a dream where I am awake during surgery telling the surgeon 'no that's too small put the bigger one in instead' hahaha. Getting super impatient now! Not just for boobs but also for an early break up from work for Xmas woohoo Goodluck for tomorrow @The_bright_side!!
  3. @Jen85 yeah it cost something like $250 for initial consult and if you have a GP referral you get some of that back on Medicare. Once I booked for surgery, I wasn't charged for further consults. I'm a more complicated case as I have significant asymmetry (right is an A, left is a C) and I liked Dr Richardson based on his straight forward logical manner and he openly considered all options for me including pros and cons of each, made his ideal recommendation but ultimately left the decision up to me once I had the info needed to make an informed decision. Ultimately I just feel really confident in his judgement and I like the results I have seen for girls with a similar issue to my own so that made the decision for me So surgery is costing in total around $11,000 however due to asymmetry having a Medicare claim item I think it's coming down to $10,000. I didn't consult with Dr Fleming sorry, I did sooooo much reading of so many reviews online of all the brissy surgeons, and I had liked the reviews from Dr R so I went to see him and didn't feel like I needed to consult with anyone else after that I was confident I would go with questions though and be very specific about what you want and ask what he would recommend and why, that's when I got the best information out of him, he was very patient and took the time to explain things so I understood
  4. @Jen85 I'm booked with Dr Richardson for surgery on 14th December, happy to answer any questions you have? Obviously I don't have any before and after photos yet
  5. Congrats on booking your surgery @Mrs LG I also have a big asymmetry - my left is a C cup and right is an A cup - and getting surgery on 14th December (long awaited since hitting puberty and realising I had only been blessed with 1 boob!) Luckily I don't need a lift at this stage (I'm 25 and haven't had kids yet) but I will definitely be needing revision post having kids - in the mean time I am sick of living with lopsided boobs! I had my pre-op consult this week and we decided on 180cc on the left and 355cc on the right (motiva ergonomix). Happy to send you my pre and post photos when the time comes I saw these photos of a lift and augmentation on my plastic surgeon's Instagram of another patient if this helps? It includes details on cc's etc. I hope you get some more good info from others I have struggled to find anything out there too!
  6. @Cornflakegirl21 well they said to come off it about a month beforehand, but I finished my pill packet like 2 weeks ago and figured no point going to buy another one until after surgery, so it's been 2 weeks! Was expecting to feel really weird without it after years of being on it, but no hormonal outbursts so far 😅
  7. I'm having surgery in just under a month and I have stopped birth control My surgeon said it's generally advised for most surgeries as there is an increased risk of blood clots with birth control, however he said it's not mandated and some girls choose not to stop taking it and are fine. I decided to be on the safe side and come off it, I think you can go back on it about 2 weeks after surgery? Meanwhile, trying to avoid starting the next branch of my family tree a few years before I had planned 😂
  8. @SunnyCoast congrats on your surgery!! You look great already you must be stoked! I'm super keen for ergonomix too, less than a month now... you got yours done with a surgeon on the sunny coast hey? I'm on the coast too and am slightly regretting choosing to go to bris for the surgery as I'm not sure how the post-op drive home back to the coast is gonna go... hopefully I will just be out of it and it will fly by haha @Kalani good to hear you're on the coast too, are you booked with a sunny coast surgeon or travelling elsewhere?
  9. @devibear hahahahah I know the feeling!! It suddenly all seems so real time is gonna drag so much now! Do you have much planned over next couple days leading up to Monday to take your mind off it/ prepare?
  10. That's so exciting @devibear! Monday is so soon! I'm also super keen on motiva ergonomix... do you know if they attract extra cost compared to usual round implants?
  11. Oh no @JD* so sorry to hear that! Must be so stressful it's so out of your control at the moment if you're concerned about implants and teeth issues, can you ask your PS for their professional advice around the issue to make you feel more confident about the surgery? The way you're going we'll be December surgery buddies 😅
  12. That's so exciting @specialkkk good luck for today can't wait to hear how it goes! Sorry to hear your surgery had to get pushed back @JD* - would have been getting so close and exciting! I reckon the way this year is going though, it will swing round super fast and you won't need to worry about your teeth anymore by then so you can just focus on enjoying your new boobies instead I hope everything goes smoothly with your dental treatment!!
  13. Hiya, don't have any advice re: surgeons but just wanted to say welcome to the forum and congrats on booking your surgery! What are you having done? I am also on the sunny coast and having my surgery just after you 14th December I'm heading to bris to have mine though with Dr Richardson!
  14. Tori14

    BA in Gold Coast/Brisbane !! Help me decide

    @isabellagrace77 no I didn't but he was next on my list if I hadn't been happy with Dr R! I saw Dr Richardson and just thought yep he's the one, don't need to see anyone else and I booked in. I think I had kind of made my mind up even prior to seeing him after reading so many positive reviews and seeing so many photos of great outcomes for both straight forward cases and for girls with revisions and asymmetry so I knew he could handle my issue. Also my GP specifically recommended him due to his good reputation so that was another big factor. Prior to seeing him, I mainly had lots of online consultations as I live on the sunny coast and couldn't line up time off work to drive down, so I can't say what anyone else is like in person!
  15. Tori14

    Revision Melbourne help

    @RevisionGirl have you seen any of his before and after photos for revisions similar to your own? That could help you feel more confident in choosing him. For my own issue with asymmetry, I looked mainly at surgeon's experiences with the same issue and what I saw they had achieved in the past for patients like me before making my decision. From what you are saying, under the muscle definitely sounds like a good plan to reduce chance of capsular contracture and eliminates issue with seeing edge of implant at the top or rippling, so his plan sounds pretty good did he mention if there would be issues with changing implant pocket in this regard? You could ask him for specific examples of previous cases where he has done this before? I have a pretty small frame and I am also going rounds under muscle - I was initially concerned these would not look as natural but when placed under the muscle they flatten out at the top as long as you don't go too big! and then you also don't have the added concern of any issues with implant rotation in the future. Overall I would say if you are feeling confident with Mark as a surgeon then that is a great but if you are feeling rushed and not ready then maybe have a further consultation with him to ask all your questions and ease your mind?