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  1. Hi ladies, Which plastic surgeon would be the most skilled for a revision job in QLD? I’m moving up and have no idea where to start. Thanks in advance!!
  2. Yes they are sigh... I looked into buying one but so expensive. Does anyone have one I could use? It’s a bit like having a friend over for a cup of tea lol
  3. Hi girls, I’m looking for solarium use in Melbourne - either cbd or eastern side of Melbourne (Doncaster, Blackburn, box hill areas). I was overseas in the US and it helped with my psoriasis immensely. can anyone PM me please? Thanks.
  4. They don’t have Afterpay... thanks... Any around east, cbd or bayside?
  5. Hi girls, I wanted to ask who the best Doctor is for fillers and botox in Melbourne? I am looking for someone that has an eye for the face. I am also hoping that they have some sort of a payment plan available too. I've been doing to the Victorian Cosmetic Institute but as of December they have taken away the payment plan option as many didn't pay them back - which sucks for those of us who did. It's fine and all getting botox, but once you add in filler it's quite pricey. Would appreciate help. Thanks.
  6. Hi girls, I have the Polytech German implants. I'm not happy with them, they actually look pretty good - as in Dr M style, very natural, however one implant has started rippling for me, and it's also caused discomfort. I have had multiple consults with different PS and they suggested to have them taken out at some point, it if wasn't causing me pain and discomfort I could leave them in longer. I was recommended these implants as I do a lot of exercise (weights, running etc) and they don't move, low cc etc. *eye roll* If I had my turn again, I would definitely go with a differen
  7. @sabP true and that's what I have to remind myself of
  8. Is it just me or is there a whole bunch of negativity in the media around BA? Not only did they do the documentary about BA and the risks of falling sick a while back, but they seem to frequently bring up BA in the news. I saw another article yesterday about Ali Oetjen (new Bachelorette) regretting having her boobs done, then there was another girl Laurina Fleure who regretted it. I just find it a little bizarre.
  9. It's all about the diet. I'm a fitness freak myself and I can tell you that during these type of "down" periods, it was diet related and I didn't gain weight. Make sure you watch what you eat, it is 80% diet and 20% exercise (as we age). I used to laugh at those stats but I can see it now. Make sure you eat healthy - get a good trainer who has a good meal plan as well. Can I ask who you are booked in with? I'm having my revision the same month as you.
  10. Thanks @I HaveBoobs love hearing form someone else that's into fitness. I have rippling too so my PS said that should also disappear with the dual placement although the implants themselves are shocking so it will be good to get them out of my body. I will definitely take it easy. Do you run? I wonder how different dual placement will feel. Over the muscle was super quick recovery for me, so going in for revision like this may be more painful.
  11. Oh wow @I HaveBoobs I'm going in for a revision surgery as I have the polly implants. I had these placed over the muscle (teardrop) and am now going in for dual placement round implants. I do body pump 2x a week and then my own weights sessions, I also run. 2-3x. I had no issues with weights but I was advised that I will have to drop back on the chest exercises. I'm used to doing push-ups on my toes etc, so are you saying that we should avoid doing them all together? I am kinda freaking out as I like to have toned arms, but we use so many of our chest muscles for upper body workout.
  12. hi girls, I had the polytech (german furry) implants put in 2016. I am having mine removed and replaced with smooth round implants. I had revision on one breast 6 months after my original surgery and the surgeon had no issues in removing the implant. He said I did not lose any breast tissue. Now I am HOPING he was telling the truth. I guess I will soon see how they turn out with brand new implants.
  13. @Tori14 he did show me photo's and they looked great. I'm just wanting to make the best decision this time round, probably since I was so damaged from my last surgery and outcome, I am also financially conscious about it all too. Pocket question you raised is a good one - I will ask him that. At the moment I have the furry teardrops in there. Think I will call and ask questions. Thanks for all this.
  14. @Tori14 I agree. Although for myself the entire left pocket is stuffed, I have a constant ache, it's like having a bra wire digging into you the entire time. The implant never settled back, I can almost place my finger under my implant up the top (if that makes sense), so it's a whole big mess. I know that in the past I could have had this fixed easily, I just wanted to make sure I did my research well this time. Again, Mark seemed fantastic, but I want to be 100% certain that he can achieve a realistic look too, not too high profile, fake, I want them to look natural still. I am sick of
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