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  1. Yesterday was surgery day for me and wow that came up quick! I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who posts on this forum and who has shared their journey. I haven’t posted much myself cause I’ve found all the info I’ve ever needed was already there with a quick search. The biggest help were the post op photos and comments saying that how they look straight away is not how they stay. I’ve gone under the muscle and without that knowledge I would have been so disappointed with how they look right now. But I know that through the d&f process they are going to keep looking better and better. So thanks again everyone xx
  2. That’s what I thought @Cupcake85 He’s a plastic surgeon. i think I might ring again and check.
  3. Yes the receptionist said the consult was $240 and that Medicare only pay if it’s for medical reasons, not just cosmetic ??‍♀️ I have ave a gp appointment next week anyway so will get a referral just in case.
  4. Hi ladies, Ive got a consultation booked with Dr Cooter in a couple of weeks for a BA after reading all the great reviews about him on here and finding out a friend used him 7 years ago and spoke highly of him. My question is when I booked the appointment the receptionist said that a gp referral won't get anything from Medicare as its a cosmetic procedure, yet i had a consultation with another doctor only a couple of weeks ago and got some money back from Medicare. Has anyone had this issue before? it won't stop me seeing him as he seems to be one of the best in Adelaide, I just thought it was a bit odd.
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