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  1. @Nic#460cc they look amazing already.. glad everything went well.. wishing you a speedy recovery 🤗
  2. @Nic#460cc good luck dw I was nervous too just try relax it will be over before you no it 🤗
  3. Hi @I HaveBoobs I don't have any experience or advice just didn't wana read and run without sending you some wishes, hope that it's nothing serious I can't see the lump in the photo but I would be getting checked best of luck
  4. @I HaveBoobs thank you very much when I tried a couple days ago it was very uncomfortable straight away so moved it back, then I tried again yesterday and I was comfortable for most the day but then towards the end started feeling pain all under my breasts so moved it back might give it a couple more days then try again..
  5. @margaretriver aww dw I keep getting same type of paranoia couple times I've over stretched to reach something and really hurt myself then panicking whether ive ruined something lol and couple times I got this weird slightly painful pop feeling in my breast like muscle snapping in place or something lol only happened a couple times not sure if it's normal or not i duno maybe is a spazam seems to happen when my chest tenses but not letting myself get overly concerned.. besides that I'm doing great the recovery is know where near as bad as I was expecting I'm already lifting my 12kg 11month old with no issues at all and I'm only just over 1 week po, but I don't make habit of doing it often only when I need too lol my 2 yr old I haven't been confident to lift yet but I probably could.. today is the first day I'm going to be completely on my own as my partner heads back to work and my 8 year old back to school so not sure how I'm going to go with putting them down to nap etc... my breasts are slowly softening they seem to feel alot softer when I bend down not sure why lol my breasts were very different too I think that's normal, from the moment I woke up from surgery my right side has been basically pain free, but my left was alot worse, now they both basically pain free only time I feel pain now is if I over stretch to do some thing and getting in and out of bed oh yes and after sleeping and getting up in morning which is what i think they refer to as morning boob lol..
  6. Hey girls I'm now 1 week post op and my compression bra has two levels of tightness ive been wearing my compression bra on the loosest clip, now decided to put it on the tighest one, it does feel a little restraining is this something I should of done or should I just stick to the looser one
  7. @cheetah haha oh no worries that's fine lol nice of you to take the time to reply to such an old message lol I was new on the forum back then and didn't realise your meant to tag a person for them to get notified of the response lol.. but yes I am very happy and judging size with my eyes I think sizing is great but I did get disappointed when I got measured up for a surgical bra and it was only a 34B but girls rekon not to take notice once I start the D&F process I should get the D I was hoping for, any chance u can shed any light on this, was your surgical bra smaller then the bra sizes you finished up with or should I not count on them changing lol wouldn't think after getting 450cc id end up a B lol I thought at very least at least a large C haha
  8. @MellieMoo I just had surgery with Dr Kollias last week, I didn't get overs but I did get 450cc round dual plane and I am extremely happy with my results as are so many other girls that have used him, I understand your concern but i don't think you would be disappointed with him at all he really knows his stuff and I haven't came across anyone with a negative thing to say, he wouldnt recommend it if he didnt think he could give you amazing results. Just to ease any doubts you have get a second or even third opinion I think you will find the recommendations very similar if you see reputable surgoens, which will hopefully ease your nerves and if they are the same I'd definetly stick to Dr kollias not because he is cheaper but just because his work is truely amazing the lower price is just a bonus. I could not speak highly enough of him, when other girls said same thing i had my doubts and thought maybe they just overly excited but now ive done mine i can definetly say the same.. His price also includes a night stay in hospital where the staff are absolutely amazing, worth every dollar. A nurse there was telling me how she thinks Dr Kollias must be a real boob man as his work is always fantastic and how she had a niece who travelled to Sydney and paid 19k to get hers done and they are no where near as good as what Dr Kollias does.
  9. @margaretriver yeah that makes sense.. oh wow your exercising early lol that's great maybe I'll be able to start sooner if I start off slow like that too... weight gain sucks but nice to no I'm not only one so must just be surgery side effect which makes me feel better then just thinking I gained that kind of weight from nothing lol... Maybe you need more time off work or need to speak to them about doing lighter work if it's causing you issues last thing u wana do is go backwards in recovery
  10. @Glissm oh that's heaps good glad your feeling better.. I've noticed mine getting softer already in certain parts too wasn't expecting it to happen that fast such an exciting process isn't it lol.. struggling a bit with nausea at the moment not sure if it's the painkillers but keep getting very clamy and sickly when I move around to much but having a quick nap seems to help
  11. @Kit aww that's awesome.. I'm nervous to exercise to but can't wait hate the fat feeling when I'm not lol I don't do any upper body exercise but I do run on the highest incline on the treadmill and use 1kg wrist weights so guess that would be slight upper body workout lol I got my 2 week check up next Friday so I'll see what he says about when I can start even if it's just walking for a while
  12. Hey girls hope your all well and recovering nicely.. @Kit I'm feeling good I'm now 3dpo and my right side is practically pain free but my left is still quite sore so it's holding me back alot, the mornings is worst getting up first time and getting all that pressure rushing to the chest lol.. feeling tired and find myself drifting off alot.. I've somehow managed to gain 3-4kg since my surgery which i am so furious about, hoping it's just fluid or swelling lol but doubt I'd have 4kg of it lol just wana hurry up and get back on the treadmill 🥺
  13. @sabP oh thanks for that, makes me feel better.. I no your right it's still early days and i no they can change i was just shocked by the size and got a little discouraged lol but il be patient and let them do there thing.. hopefully by the end I'll end up a D too 😁
  14. So I had my surgery yesterday and I'm very happy with results so far but when I got fitted for a surgical bra I was not the size I was expecting.. I got fitted into a B but she said I'd prob end up a C. I was hoping after getting 450cc id at least get to a D, is there any hope of this, are surgical bras just made bigger then usual bras or am I only going to be a b/c.. anyone start off with smaller sized surgical bra then ended up a bigger cup size later?
  15. Haha that's awesome glad your doing well, oh i didnt even think bout pain killers they might of gave during operation lol maybe they done that to me too and just the right side benefited most lol maybe i shouldn't get to cocky about not being in much pain yet and see how I am tomorrow then.. yeah you don't realise how much you use certain parts of your body in everyday life until you can't use it any more..
  16. @Glissm aww thanks for that glad your feeling better my pain is actually pretty good I was expecting it to be worse right side doesn't even feel like I've had surgery left side tho is quite tender not sure if it's normal for level of pain to be so different did you notice that one side was a fair bit worse then other?
  17. @Nic#460cc @Glissm @margaretriver @Kit Hi girls hope everyone is well, so I've just had my surgery and I'm feeling pretty good pain isn't to bad but probably cause of the meds it's uncomfortable but bearable, feeling like I got an elephant sitting on my chest lol feeling alot of pressure. Boobs are looking alot better then I expected on first day Dr Kollias is amazing. Can't wait to see results when swelling goes down and the drop and fluff takes place... Thanks to all girls on here for all the info and advice, helped make this a better experience..
  18. @margaretriver yes I'm going in tomorrow so nervous lol
  19. I'm getting my BA in 2 weeks time and I'm not really sure what to expect pain wise or how restricted my Movements will be straight after the operation so my question is will I be able to get a shirt or jumper over my head or would i be better off packing a zipped or button up shirt/jacket or will that even be a struggle, I was thinking if maybe safest option would be a robe hahaha
  20. @Glissm oh nice, I'm getting smooth and placed in dual plane aswell but mine are round.. hope I don't get the bolted on fake look, I wanted a more natural look too but I've read round can look quite natural in dual plane placement and also cause as u said gel moves more freely and when u stand up gravity tends to give it that tear drop shape anyway which is what my impression was but now I'm worried coz my implants are different to urz I'm getting smooth round mentor cohesive 1 hp, hopefully mine does the same thing lol.. originally I wanted tear drop for that reason but was put off with the risk of rotation but then my surgoen recommend round anyway so since he is the professional decided to listen to him now all I'm stressing about is bottoming out feel like I should of asked alot more questions lol but from Google searching it seems like it's not a common thing to happen anyway so fingers crossed lol
  21. Oh that's awesome I've never heard of them.. what position are you getting them placed it? U feeling more confident on your decisions now? I know u mentioned b4 you were bit unsure still hope you got all your answers now and feeling good about it all.
  22. @Glissm oh cool let us no how it goes🤗
  23. @Glissm I haven't had mine done yet so my opinion probably isn't real valid lol but I think 8 weeks post op would be fine considering they say you can return to normal activity after 6 weeks, that being said I would check with your surgoen of course as he/she would be better qualified to answer that, and i understand everyones healing rate differs but I'd say as long as your operation goes smoothly and you aren't suffering from any complications after I don't see why it would be an issue.. best of luck
  24. @margaretriver oh how exciting what surgoen did you go with and what you getting done? I'm going with Dr Kollias getting 450cc smooth round dual plane.. I'm excited yet so nervous..
  25. @BethM I haven't had mine done yet but I will be getting mine done by him in 3 weeks time 😁 There are a few girls on here who have had their surgery through him and they all spoke so highly of him and seem to Be very happy with their results. Which is why I went to him in the first place. He is a very lovely doctor and I think he is going to do a great job. If you search his name in the forum you can read for yourself what people thought, there are a few discussions about him. Some girls did seem to think he was quite conservative with sizing and seemed to think If you want big you really Had to push him but that definetly wasnt the case with me I just showed him some pictures of what I was after in size and he didn't hesitate to Offer me 450cc, I think he just listens to what you want and also takes into consideration how it will look and just gives an honest opinion on what he thinks will give you what you want but also not making you look ridiculous.. Anyway good luck on your journey and keep us updated on how your consultation goes I don't think you will be disappointed 🤗
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