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  1. Hi everyone, Thanks for all your kind messages. They have made me smile and feel a bit more positive about this whole thing. I have decided i will be going with the second surgeon who i went to recently for a second opinion for future revision surgeries as he has been very informative and positive about getting this fixed. Also I definitely agree that talking to your surgeon about covering costs of revision surgeries is really important. Also having private health insurance is a must if things go wrong. I have insurance and it will come in really useful if i need the next two surgeries. Although the second surgeon I spoke to regarding my complications advised that regardless of private health insurance my current surgeon should be covering all costs as this type of complication is due to issues like over dissection during the initial surgery. Either way it's pretty important to consider and have that piece of mind that you will at least partly be covered. Thanks again everyone, I will keep you updated on how it goes. Fingers crossed it will all be fixed soon
  2. I just thought i would come on here and vent/ share my story with everyone because I feel like I have been living a terrible nightmare for the last few months... So here it is I had my original BA late last year and everything seemed fine until about 2months post op when I noticed things weren't right. When i went to see my surgeon He took one look and booked me in for emergency revision/reconstruction surgery. I had developed several complications.. So I had that done and now I am left with a less than ideal outcome... I have smaller implants and my surgeon had to stitch my chest back together. I'm in heaps of pain and discomfort all the time and feel like I am now deformed.... On top of that I am broke after paying again for the second surgery. This was my dream and it is now an awful nightmare I wish I never ever went ahead with.. I don't know if its fixed or if it will ever be fixed. I went to another surgeon to get a second opinion recently and he said I may require a further 2 surgeries after this and it will be extremely hard to correct if it has not worked this time. Also It has affected my relationship with my partner because I don't want him to look at me like this... I feel so unattractive it's not even funny. Anyway I suppose I should look on the bright side and stay positive, I'm sure there are plenty of others who have had bad outcomes they have overcome... I'm just hoping I can overcome this and it will get fixed soon :-( Thanks for reading
  3. At first my partner was a bit hesitant because he said he didn't want me to get bigger boobs and realize I can do way better than him and leave... Lol it was the funniest thing I've heard! But after discussing the reason why I wanted it done (just for me and my self confidence) he was very supportive. After the op he was so good to me, he looked after me and helped me so much. He loves them and it has really improved things in the bedroom hahah :-)
  4. I also agree, go as big as you can! I was choosing between 375cc and 450cc, ended up getting the 450s and I'm so glad that I did! I am so in love with them, i have great cleavage and top fullness which is what I wanted. It's important to listen to your doctor but also for him to listen to what you want. Just talk to him about it again and tell him you want to go bigger if you can, and see what he says. Good luck with it :-)
  5. I went to the gym yesterday for the first time since my surgery and I had my first sweaty cleavage experience lol.. Felt kinda strange at first, but I think it's a small price to pay for filling out my gym tops for the first time ever and feeling pretty damn confident! also I haven't really noticed the cold boob thing much except for once after a swim, funny thing was I only realised when I was drying myself, didn't actually feel it through my boobs :-)
  6. Hi Kikikiki I would highly recommend Dr Tavakoli, I had my BA done by him in December, he did an awesome job and his staff are wonderful too. Hope that helps good luck with your search :-)
  7. Sorry to hear about this Lexie. I'm thinking of you and hope your ok
  8. Hey sorry I didn't realize you had brazillians. Totally different management for them. I have textured ones. Hope your pain gets better soon
  9. Hi misstikitiki I'm 16 days post op today and I have a small difference in my right compared to my left as well. My right was originally a little bit bigger than my left and I'm right handed so I thought that might be the cause. It is still tighter than my left but they have both dropped equally at the moment (the left started to drop about a week before the right). And I have started massaging on day 14 and now have a lot of tenderness in the right side which I didn't have before. So I'm not sure if I'm doing it too hard or what. All I know is that it is pretty common to have a difference either side, I'm hoping the pain settles soon though. Did you get pain after massaging too? Also my Dr said you can wear underwire bras from 3 weeks onwards :-)
  10. Hi girls, I'm 16 days post op today and my surgeon instructed me to start massaging from day 14. He showed me how and I have been doing just as he said - 4-5 mins on each breast every day. But I now have pain after massaging only in my right boob, it's much more tender than it used to be before I started massaging and seems to be a little swollen. Although I'm not sure if the swelling has always been there and I'm just noticing it now due to the pain. Has anyone else experienced pain after massaging? Is this normal? I was wondering if I maybe have been doing it a little too hard. Any advice on your experiences would be greatly appreciated :-)
  11. Hi Naja, I was also in terrible pain straight after my operation and just wanted to say don't worry it will get better soon, mine was 100 times better on day 2. Just get plenty if rest and take all the pain killers you can, hope you feel better ASAP
  12. Hi Lexie44ligt I haven't had any leakage at all, not sure about the other girls?? is it a new thing or has it been happening all along? Also how do you feel otherwise? Maybe you should call your surgeon and let him know, especially if you have any extra pain/redness/fever. Sorry I couldn't be more help
  13. Yeah that's true, I was just hearing that some of the other girls had to wear their post op bras most of the time too so got a little worried... But I'm a worry wort like that hahah I'm sure it's fine. I just checked what time my appointment is and it's 11:30. So we might see each other or maybe not if Dr T is running on time. I hope you have a wonderful *****tmas in the mean time and keep healing well :-)
  14. Hi Chinchilla! That's awesome, so glad to hear it went so well and your feeling great! I havent seen Dr T yet since the op so i hope mine are going good too. i think they are, i think they look really good lol. I have only been wearing my post op bra for 12 hours a day though cause that's what it said on that information sheet they gave me... Gee I'm a bit worried now in case I have been doing it wrong. But I guess he will tell me on Thursday. Thats funny we have the same post op appointment day, I'm pretty sure mine is in the morning around 10ish, what time is your appointment? We should meet up if we are there at the same time!! :-)
  15. Glad your feeling better Ezmay! Enjoy the rest period so tomorrow you will be even better & brighter :-) and yep I also have had itching around the incision, it's a normal part of the healing process. Have a great day
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