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  1. Im in Melbourne and just had a labiplasty completed by the same plastic surgeon that did my breast aug. You should seek a consultation for a labiaplasty and see what the experts say.
  2. I have just had my labiaplasty done in Melbourne with the same plastic surgeon who did my Breast Aug. Literally life changing! Happy to share details if you are still looking?
  3. Hi Elizabeth, I have just had a Labiaplasty but have always lived in Australia. Thought I would reach out just in case
  4. Ive just had this procedure done in Melbourne. All I can say is make sure you do your research - my plastic surgeon was phenomenal! He has also done my breast augmentation as well - and literally changed my life! You need to trust them 110%!
  5. My plastic surgeon is in Melbourne and he has done my breast augmentation (2018) and now my labiaplasty (2020). It has literally changed the quality of my life and I seriously could not be happier with the results. I feel so comfortable wearing active wear and jeans - the discomfort was something I had settled with for many many years.
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