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    Im interested in Butt implants (i work out/weight training and still don't have a butt)
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    Dr Pichet Rodchareon, 29th July
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  1. well his reviews also have negatives...not neccessarily negative stories, but some people who are unsure how to use facebook and wanted to ask the surgeon a question have used the "review system" giving a one star rating, which the surgeon hasnt removed, so im sure if their were negatives, they would be on there....i think theres 400+ reviews, i couldnt be buggered reading them all to be honest, but i doubt they have been removed. I just reccomend this as the girl i first spoke to regarding dr pichet was on facebook, shes from australia, and has her photo up on their page, and i do aswell so im guessing all those photos on the page are of actual real patients. I just came back here to say, i took the plunge, and im stoked with the results, It doesnt bother me if people use Dr pichet or not, as the more people who go there, im worried he will raise his prices and i want more work done before he does that LOL, but heres my full review, which includes the negatives... http://www.realself.com/review/thailand-th-butt-augmentation-24-yr-5ft-98lbs-fit-mother-surgery
  2. Thats great that you had a good experience, goes to show all surgeons can have their positive and negative stories... but i just want to point out in regards to the story the girls here are quoting "bangkok surgery - big mistake" This person (Donna) was actually reffering to Dr Pichit Siriwan at destination beauty, she confirmed this on facebook for me
  3. were you reffering to my experience/comments or someone elses? lol
  4. while you are a seasoned member, i did notice the reviews you reffered to said "dr pichet, or pitchet" but in the reviews their is mention of travel agencies, where as dr pichet rodchareon never has been affiliated with any medical travel agents, so instantly i know its a review for a different Dr, Thats how i seeded out the real negatives, and for those researching this surgeon, may i say this site probably isnt the best for your research, lots of prejudice with very little "Actual" proof, as you will note the negative stories reffered to here are infact for a different doctor. Im a very recent patient (5 weeks out) and i cannot fault Dr Pichet Rodchareon, and he has a very large amount of satisfied patients who he provided email contacts for so you can chat about the outcome, and what to expect etc with other people who have actually used him. Personally i found these forums rather rude, and very little help for factual research, just alot of negative reviews on a Dr who people have accidently mistaken for another, then told to "take my pills etc" when i attempt to show proof of their mistake. Lets agree to disagree that everyone has a personal opinion, and while there are a few negatives here from people who have read a bad review (mistakenly for Dr pichet Rodchareon when it wasnt even Dr pichet rodchareon)...plus your unhappy transexuals "Elizebeth and Claire" back in 2003... who are also are on realself doing their best to slander his name, jump on facebook and contact his REAL patients, as alot of them are on his facebook. Nothing beats a REAL, up to date, personal review, over rumours and here say. Take care ox
  5. yes hun, that review wasnt even for Dr Pichet Rodchareon...its again another example of his name being mixed up
  6. well, i chose dr pichet.... i got more than just my boobies done yeeewww..... and im stoked. feel free to read my review on the "realself website", as i shared my whole experience. I dont care if the people here believe me or not, im glad i did my research, and for others i dont reccomened this site for doing research, as its all "i read this, i saw that"...but just because two vengeful people plan to sabotage a drs name by paying to have their site come up first in a search engine when researching dr pichet, thats just sad....especially as the surgery doesnt relate to me (M2F) ...also the reviews on realself just need a little more research to see its simply the same person, one who had illegal silicone in their chin, then blamed Dr pichet for the scarring while removing it. Point is, most the reviews are reffering to scarring.....and you dont have to be a brainiac to know surgery = scarring. All cases are different, and i decided to listen to those i related with. He provided me HEAPS of refferences from other ladies, many from australia who have said they have also seen this site read the comments, and didnt even want to get started, as its like banging your head against a brick wall. So im not going to "try" to convince people, as thats not fair, each person should do their own research, as i thoroughly did, so they to feel comfortable in their decision. His Facebook page has 63,267 likes with HEAPS of happy clients (my photos on there aswell now) so surely he cant be as nasty and bad as people like to say he is. Anyways my dispay pic is my new boobies.... got 300cc round Smooth eurosilicone brand implants with under breast incision. the only issue i have with them is the nipple is a little low, but dr pichet does free revisions if they dont turn out how i plan...BUT i have to wait 12 months, which is a bummer. hopefully they will drop a little lower, as its only been 5 weeks since surgery. The operating room was amazing...they have these massive UFO lights with magnifiers attatched that spun round, lots of weird and wonderful devices, endoscopy screen, it puts our operating rooms in australia to shame. It was so big and bright....i will say at first glance, the outside of the clinic looks old and dingy....i thought ohh *****, what am i doing, but soon as you walk in, its beautiful and clean, and the nurses are incredible, everyone has a sense of humour aswell which i really liked...plus they looked after my little girl....infact they LOVED her, and gave her cuddles etc. meh, no point sharing this here as "im probably a rep" LMAO ... but just wanted to say, i think this doctor gets alot of crap from people, even other surgeons (their assisntants) have tried to slander his name as his prices are so cheap compared to other surgeons fees... i really do feel for him, but as he said to me, it doesnt bother him about the negativity, as he gets enough business as it is through word of mouth, so hes oviously making plenty of money, and for good reason, as hes good at what he does. Happy healing folks, take care x
  7. the last comments i had made were prior to me making any decision on my chosen surgeon, as i had not had any surgery done. But now after a successful breast augmentation, and very positive experience, i can now speak first hand of Dr Pichet Rodchareons skills and after meeting the man in person, i was so happy to know he also has a very down to earth character and a good sense of humour. I want to be clear that this is not Dr pitch or pichit, Dr Pichet Rodchareon does not work with any travel agencies. His Nurses are capible of organising accomodation and all transfers for you (although i personally rented an appartment during my stay). But iv never received such great service in terms of care here in australia. The nurses are almost like your best friends, its crazy...i actually bought them all a gift before i left as i was so overwhelmed with their kindness and care. ill do a full review, but i just wanted to say something on this particular thread as i am now one of Dr pichets Rodchareons Patients, and im stoked with my results...kind of wishing i got a little bit of a lift though, but all well, maby later in time....
  8. hello lovelies, well its 8 weeks before i jet off to bangkok for a few procedures. My parents asked if i had travel insurance, i just gave them a funny look and asked, why in the world would i need that, but after the trouble going down in bangkok now i thought i best reconsider my need for insurance, but i have no idea where to start. Are their any insurance providers who issue travel insurance for people considering overseas surgery? If i get regular travel insurance do i tell them im having surgery and dental? or must i stick with medical travel insurance? do any insurance companies let you chose your own surgeon, or must you use a surgeon whos approved by the insurance company?
  9. it wont let me post them all, but if your interested i listed them on this pagehttps://www.plasticsurgeryforum.com.au/forums/showthread.php?404-surgery-in-bangkok-anyone-know-of-dr-pichet/page3
  10. Due to the last debate on the pitch/pichet/pichit subject Im aware some girls here disagree, but I want to Clarify something for those researching Dr Pichit Siriwan - BNH Hospital – Is often confused for Dr Pitch, but he seems to have some really good reviews going. Hes a good optionDr Pitch Paiboonkasemsutthi - Yahnee Hospital – AVOID THIS SURGEON Dr Pichet Rodchareon - Bangkok Plastic Surgery Clinic - This surgeon is often mistaken for Dr Pitch. He also has a bad wrap on these forums from girls who have “heard” bad stories, yet the only bad stories are the two which come up as soon as you google his name.These two disgruntled patients who are unhappy with their vaginal depth after a SRS decided to slander this Drs name on numerous sites calling him a *******. In the bad reviews of Dr Pichet you will notice the transgender accuses Dr Pichet of ruining her chin, and leaving her with scar tissue, along with a short vaginal canal – now the vaginal canal and SRS is obviously a very complicated procedure, so I cant say much about those complications, but what this unhappy chappy did was post her photos on realselfs websites 4 YEARS before seeing dr pichet, saying she had illegal silicone injections in her chin and wanted them removed. The surgeons on realself answered her question saying they would just avoid it, and leave it, or suggested she see a specialist because the removal of silicone is extremely difficult.So she saw Dr Pichet and failed to alert him to the mess he would find within her chin and he simply did the best he could but as silicone forms scar tissue around it, the scar tissue also had to be removedNow on the realself site is a negative review by a person called “stania” who only posts where girl33635 has posted (remember girl33635 is also Elizabeth from the above review on a seperate site) She claims to have had a breast lift done by dr pichet. However this user who left the negative review under Elizabeth review (her names claire) coincidently has the same IP address as the user “Stania”. Whats more interesting is the procedure she claimed to have,went from a srs to a breast-lift...(unless there are two separate people from the same residence using the same internet, which is possible) But either way they appear to be friends, and what friend wouldn't help destroy the career of surgeon if your bestie isn't happy? Also if u cross reference the way its written some parts have been copied and pasted from their original reviews. Like ALL surgeons, there's going to be negative reviews on which ever surgeon you choose, especially a surgeon who does a lot of SRS. Its not surprising that transgender people seem to be a little more “dramatic” than the standard girl.Iv now spoken to 8 previous patients some with pictures, all claiming to have an amazing result. Hes part of the international aesthetics and plastic surgery society and from my contact with both his associations hes is in good standing.Dr Pitch is the one to avoid - DR PITCH - the surgeon who is responsible for all these bad reviews http://www.plasticsurgeryforum.com.a...-Philip-Morenohttp://www.plasticsurgeryforum.com.a...ry-big-mistakehttp://www.realself.com/review/bangk...ience-thailandhttp://www.plasticsurgeryforum.com.a...hp/t-1413.html
  11. Hi Polu, most the ladies here are in australia, and i think the cheapest airfares to Czech Republic would be around $1900 - $2500, which is a huge hike in price compared to flights to thailand or malaysia etc $300-$900. Would you be going due to it being lower in price, or have you generally heard of good outcomes / surgeons in Czech Republic?
  12. how are you girls taking money over - the surgeon im going with doesnt take credit card payments, and only transfers, but i dont think im able to transfer the money from my bank due to being a different country - are travellor cheques worthwhile, or do they work out a little more expensive? and if you took your $3000 - $9000 AUD to a forex exchange in thailand, is that safe to do, or not really advisable? iv never travelled before - anywhere ,lol so i have no idea. i learned the basics of coin (sarangs and baht) and what they come in there is 100 Satangs in one Baht. Satangs come in 25, or 50 Baht comes in coins - 1,2, 5 and 10 Baht notes come in 20,50, 100, 500 and 1,000 Baht. but i could imagine exchanging such large sums of cash at forex i would proberbly need a suitcase just for the baht notes LOL
  13. i was going to post the exact same question lol although you could proberbly get it in thailand, but some sterile water might be a good idea to give a quick rinse of to the area after your 1st shower if your worried bout blood clots / embolisms after surgery during flight home (rare but still a risk) then some compression stockings water free shampoo if you get oily hair easy travel adapter im taking some support singlets i found on ebay to use while i wash my support garment, or if i need a break from the garment for a little while, prob not good for long term, but for a short term break, looks rather comfy lol - http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/261307530346?var=560234048587&ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649 Iv also been doing some research food wise, as im having multi procedures i wont be up an walking anytime soon after surgery,and im guessing after BA the last thing you want to do is head out in the humidity in search of food. so iv been looking into restaurants who deliver and what they offer - got a little list here - ofcourse theirs heaps more im finding, but this way i can see what each food is - as im not to keen on ordering battered chicken feet, duck liver, or dog meat etc (just read the article of the 1000 dog carcases found in thailand, all skinned and meat removed which is really sad) so yeah i dont want to order any of this stuff by accident lol, so im also learning some basic thai so i know what im ordering. but some online places: http://www.sandp.co.th/ http://www.mkrestaurant.com/en https://www.kfc.co.th/ http://www.mcthai.co.th/ http://www.foodbyphone.com/ http://www.foodpanda.co.th/ ahh just realised you girls will be in phuket - not bangkok - woops. Im sure a few of the restaurants i mentioned above have chains in phuket aswell though.
  14. yea thats exactly what i read from a few people about Dr Pitch - and seeing the horrible experiences hes put so many through, im unsure how he manages to keep his job at yahnee. Although so many reviews come across as bad, i do think its a small few drs there which give yahnee its bad name. But yeah the girl i was chatting to from aussie said he was so kind, and didnt seem to fussed about money, which is why i think his prices are lower - i read somewhere that hes a buddist, so it would be more about inner peace with ones self - one of the reasons he had an interest in SRS which would explain why hes not to fussed about money - whether he is a buddist im not to sure? from the girls iv chatted to, he treats his patients like his friends, and if your scared (which i will be) his wife holds your hand and tells you everything will be ok, and makes you feel calm before surgery - if this didnt happen i would prob do what i did on the delivery table while giving birth to my daughter - simply rolled my huge pregnant belly over, sliped of the table and said "im out, i dont wanna do this anymore, i changed my mind" as i waddled out of the delivery room in a gown with my butt showing hahahaha.
  15. On the Transgender forum, yes one unhappy patient reffered to him as that, but following her post is alot of people who disagree and had a very different experience with him, On the same forum, Dr Chettawut who used to be the "go to" man for boobs 4 years ago is also called the b u t c h er of bangkok. On a different transgender website even Dr Sanguan Kanaporn from PAIC, and the talented dr Preecha are reffered to as a "but cher" which i know is incorrect, as iv seen some of his results in person and was amazed at his skill, clean work and incision lines. All surgery comes with risks, no matter who the surgeon is, their will be someone out there somewhere who is unhappy with his work, some are just more revengful than others. Although i have noticed the transgender community appear to favour the word " b u tch er" for most surgeons who couldnt give them what they want lol. But yes The phrase was used by that one person, and people copied and pasted that on numerous boards and threads when people asked about him (as he is a bit cheaper than other surgeons so he oviously would have more interested potential clients asking bout him), and people used that one reviewwhich spread like wildfire I contaced the thai board of plastic surgery and he appears to have a very good standing with them still. In regards to Dr Pitch, i found he has the most negative reviews one dr can have, iv seen a few good, but the bad outweight the good two fold, im suprised hes still allowed to do surgery!
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