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    Dr Kim Harwood 10 December 2012
  1. If you are a terrible saver like me you can get a payment plan for cosmetic procedures through MacCredit. It is all done through ANZ bank and is very flexible. Can pay it off quicker with no extra chargers etc. That way you can have them and pay them off month by month!
  2. Hi LittleKitten, I had a consult booked in for Dr Harwood one day and the next day I had one booked in for Dr Szalay. The $1000 was a contributing factor and I had heard great things from both. I went to my consult with Dr Harwood and immediately booked in for a months time and cancelled my consult for Dr Szalay. The extra $1000 was worth it, he is an amazing surgeon and his nurses are sensational! I am so happy with my new boobies Good luck with your decision!
  3. I was advised for the first week light walking, no getting hot and sweating and from week 2 you can do some lower body work. Lunges, squats and then in a another week or two maybe a light cycle class. Cardio should be waited until 4-6 weeks at least.
  4. Hi Miss Mel, I am 9 days post op and I had mine done with Dr Harwood. I recommend him 100%. He knows what he is doing, was really caring and understanding and made me always feel comfortable and relaxed. His nurses are fantastic and last but not least my boobs are fantastic!! (I know I am only 9 days out but from day 1 they have looked amazing. I had no bruising and a quick recovery) Dr Harwood charges $9500. Best thing I have ever done. Good luck with your decision
  5. Hi Mrstag, was just reading and noticed you said you have been waking up around 2-3am every morning. I was exactly the same as you, the first approx 5 days I would sleep through and wake up about 5am and take painkillers and go back to sleep for a few hours but now 9 days post op and for the last few nights I wake up exactly between 2:30-3 and struggle to get back to sleep and toss and turn for hours. I am not in pain or anything I just don't know why it keeps happening and how I can stop it. Two nights ago I was fustrated I kept waking up so I took a sleeping tablet before I went to bed that
  6. Goodluck and I hope it all goes well for you!! xx
  7. EmClare how exciting!! Try not to be too nervous the day of, I was very nervous but no need at all Make sure you have bags of frozen pea's in the freezer ready! Sure thing, not 100% sure how to use this site yet though
  8. Link01 You are going to be so pleased with the 435 just as I am! I finally understand the whole "boob greed" I don't want the swelling to go down haha. Definitely glad I went 435, you won't regret it. I used to wear big padded bra's previously so when I'm wearing clothes it doesn't look too different (when the boobies are covered up) but you can tell just how big they are when you're naked. It's a great feeling knowing that when you take the bra off your boobs don't disappear
  9. Hi Ladies, Just wanted to write a recommendation on here for Dr Kim Harwood at Rejuvenation Clinic at Spring Hill in Brisbane. Firstly this is something I have been looking into for a few years now. About 6 months ago I went to two consultations in Brisbane but was not 100% comfortable with the surgeons or their advice for me. I then proceeded to look into overseas surgery and was almost booked in for January. Last minute I decided not to have my breast augmentation in Thailand and to instead have further consultations in Brisbane. Mainly because I wanted to be able to recover in the
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