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  1. Thanks for the msg FR accepted ✌️😜

  2. No worries I'll accept now :)

  3. Woohoo 550 are the best 👍👍 love mine 💋 the forum crashed about a year ago and so went all our photos at this time with it 😩😩

  4. Hi there I have no idea what my bwd is I'm sorry but I think on the larger side :) I'll accept your FR now :)

  5. You are more then welcome to check out ma booobies lady! xxx

  6. Thanks for the lovely comments :). See what I mean about not being scared of the 500+ sizes id go bigger if I could lol!! I have no idea what it is but I think at least 12-13. I've got a broad chest so can carry the sizes x

  7. Accepted thanks for the message :)

  8. Hi Hun welcome to the forum :p

  9. FR accepted my dear :) hope you're enjoying it x

  10. Hi there welcome! Yes it's a great site! You should talk to E.J who's also a British girl on the forum. It's all the same thing I believe what size did you go?

  11. I think my best advise would be that if you have the confidence in your chosen surgeon then leave all the big decisions (implant profile) in his hands and you'll have an amazing result :)

  12. Both are amazing and hard to pic once in the body. I love rounds though as you can still get a very natural look with rounds don't be scared off by the round!

  13. Hi there. My surgeon for both implants has been Paul Downie on the Gold Coast. My first set were 410cc Nagor and gfx were the style of Nagors. I then developed CC and rupture 7 years down the track so revised to 550cc high profile Cereforms which is my current implant :) I was an A cup to begin with.

  14. Thank you for the message of course you can send FR happy to help when I can x

  15. Accepted thanks for the message first xx

  16. I wouldn't stress about the FDA they are a bit of a circus :p they are very slow to approve products, they have only just started using an allergan filler we've been using here for 3 years! They are very strict and a bit behind :)

  17. Hi there. I know silimed are very popular worldwide including the USA who only have about 5 brands of approved implants unlike is who are spoilt for choice. I have heard of surgeons here using eurosilicone and seen amazing results but I don't think they're as popular as the other brands :)

  18. Ha, I knew I was catching up but didn't think it was that fast haha!

  19. Accepted lovey thanks for the message :)

  20. I have basic hospital and extras cover, I think it's about $17 a week. I know they are a lot more generous if revision is for complications rather then personal choice :) yes dr Downie has done both my surgeries I do love HP I want to go bigger so will probably need XHP next!! Love love the job xx

  21. Hi love I'm NIB. I only had to pay the bulk of surgeon fee (only $700 something is claimable through Medicare) but that's because I had a complication xx

  22. Hello love, i'm not sure about that!!! FR accepted :)

  23. The age old dilemma my friend! My advice would be to think about the ideal size you want to end up then find photos of what implants look like in that size (fake boobs look smaller then natural boobs ie a 10DD natural breast looks bigger then a 10DD implant breast). If you'd be more upset they're too small then go the largest size recommended, I have been 2 sizes now (both 410 and 550) and am yet to think "wow they're too big", I'd still go bigger given the chance!

  24. Thanks for the message FR accepted. Great to see another Lotus girl you'll love your results I've had 2 ops there now in the last 7 years and happy with both sets:)

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