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    Revision BA, 435cc, behind muscle, round - 21 June 2013
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    Mark Lee - 21.06.13
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  1. Thanks so much inde; you're such a sweetheart; I really appreciate your message! :) I'm really so sorry to hear about you and your brother...far out...that's my whole point/concern (as you know!!!) and I don't think people think hard enough about children. It must be easier for many to just spend money and be selfish. I know the family court like the back of my hand...and the kids are supposed to be paramount (let some of the "ladies" spend some time in there and see whether their views change...) - hmmm... The same goes for what we were discussing...so many kids are neglected! I will be "stalking" your profile throughout the day to see how you are! hehehe Best wishes chicky babe! xx :):)

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