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  1. Sorry Jazzyjaz, but to repeat my story over and over again is impossible for everyone - I would hope that if you looked up my posts that you would b able t o read my experience??? Or try a search ' Dr Piyapas my tummy tuck experience" Don't take chances XX
  2. Hi Moondancer, your hell is only comprehendable to those who have been through a similar experience. Im so sorry that you had to go through this!! It is truly horrendous. Yours, mine and many like it prove that plastic surgery overseas is what it is a gamble with your looks and your life!! I had a terrible experience myself just a yr ago through Bangkok Phuket Hosp- but it doesnt matter where u go!! Its all the same. I had a browlift ( barely notice this has been done) Tummy Tuck and liposuction- I too was left all night after 12hrs of surgery un 'icu' and I use that term loosely, feeling like I was clinging to life-I kid u not, trying to get some attention. I cannot begin to describe the intense pain, emotional torment I have been put through over my ordeal and the following surgery to fix the total balls up this apparently amazing skilled surgeon performed on me. I was lucky I had my dsughter with me while in hosp. Believe me the best feeling was coming HOME to the best care I could wish for. I felt bad that the Drs here had to fix this mess really what boils down to my stupidity! ! Never again, take care Moondancer and luv to u x
  3. Hi sweety, THIS shi. breaks my heart. Ive only just managed to get back on the forum and have a look when ive come acrossed ur post. I was getting so upset over people getting caught up in what CAN be this fantasy of plastic surgery and the body beautiful. My story is too long but is on here, in a nutshell I had tt, lipo, browlift in bangkok phuket hosp last year. I reckon I probably died-certainly felt like I was going to!! 12 hrs of surgery, 9 days in hospital with many non english speaking nurses (which was very difficult). Its ok when ur in and out u dont really get that problem but when ur in the ward for that amount of time u do!!!. Anyway day 3 bandages came off tummy and there was a black area, ahh dont worry thats just a blister thats been rubbed. I was assured up until the day I got on the plane at day 11 in extreme pain mind u. The area died, I then had to continue to wear my garment continuesly for 4mths all up and endure a second op. Imagine laying elevated for 4 months and in that time maybe 4 showers!!Oh and dont under estimate the pain excruciating. .. It was the worst experience. ...please dont do it girls its simply not worth it, I did my research!!! And I couldn't find a damn thing wrong with him...but maybe they were paid to keep theres mouth shut like me- but guess what IM NOT xx
  4. Please dont go Dr Piyapas- I had ex tt, vaser lipo and brow lift last year and it was the worst experience of my life. I can not describe the pain, emotional stress this has caused me. It was the worst mistake of my life. Dont do it!! Your worth more than that! My opinion. My story is on here somewhere part 1 and 2 dr piyapas my tummy tuck disaster
  5. Hello, I personally would rethink this op on your own. I had a very nasty recent experience and would never consider overseas surgery again. I think u may be able to read my posts by going to my profile? ? Otherwise pm me and maybe we can chat on ph?. Up to u
  6. [Q Totally agree with u -yep I should have def waited longer REALLY looked into the cost properly-I firmly believe the state my body was in-the trauma of 14hrs surgery on my body I very nearly died and I seriously mean that no exageration. In a foreign country away from many of my loved ones-with nurses who sometimes (alot could not understand what I was saying, cockroaches running around the room NO amount of money saved is worth playing around with ur life ( and this ladies is the top hosp-top doctor in Phuket ...bangkok phuket hospital-go figure hey UOTE=JJMelb;122050]I am 7 days post op with a TT done by an Australian surgeon and I cannot imagine having to endure what you have been through, thank you for sharing your story I hope it gives food for thought to those considering OS surgery. One thing that tends to jump out at me-not from your story but from many other posts I have read- are girls saying "I'm having surgery OS as there's no way I could afford it here!" I find this a ludicrous statement. Sure, you can afford to have it in Australia-it just means you would need to SAVE for LONGER!! In this day and age we are instilled with a belief of instant gratification : if we want it we should have it NOW or at the very least, in a few months time! Our parents didn't live like this - when they wanted something they had to work hard, make sacrifices and save. I would suggest many people could actually afford surgery in Australia - they just don't want to sacrifice their daily lattes, Saturday nights out, acrylic nails and spray tans for the next 6 months to do so. Sadly people want it all, and they want it all now. Thanks for sharing your story, hopefully some of the younger people will pay heed and do some thinking.....
  7. [QU search dr piyapas my tummy tuck experience there is pt 1 and pt 2..... Hello again, please click on my name then forum posts and you can read my story -sorry its so long so better to do that. Please though any questions pls ask. I haven't updated for a while and am 3mths out of reconstruction surgery to fix the botch job. As it stands now where I have been fixed up I have alot of scar tissue under the skin which is a very large area which is very hard about 40 cm in lenghth and 40cm across my pubic area - its also numb a large area, but partial areas sore to the slightest touch with no feeling and above all its not flat !! Excess skin gone so bonus there but not the best outcome. Also because of all that scar tissue pushing against my abdo wall and bowel I have great difficulty doing a bowel movement maybe once every 2 weeks which gets uncomfortable and leads to excessive laxative . consumption. So theres my update up till now but as I say please read story by clicking on my name there is prt 1 and 2 Thanks OTE=makeover000;127717][Hi there, without me going through the whole story again I think if you click on my name you should be able to view my story. I dont think its a matter of where you get the surgery done really its just a risk anywhere o/s. A lovely lady had tt muscle repair too, same time and doc- its just gambling really she is absolutely fine!! QUOTE=Avatheravor;127690]Thanks for the warning can I ask what went wrong with your surgery or eth your results that you are not happy about ?
  8. [Hi there, without me going through the whole story again I think if you click on my name you should be able to view my story. I dont think its a matter of where you get the surgery done really its just a risk anywhere o/s. A lovely lady had tt muscle repair too, same time and doc- its just gambling really she is absolutely fine!! QUOTE=Avatheravor;127690]Thanks for the warning can I ask what went wrong with your surgery or eth your results that you are not happy about ?
  9. Hello, I would strongly suggest not going on your own- I had TT, lipo upper and lower and due to having kids a muscle repair, I also had a browlift and my lower eyes done. It was a very traumatic surgery very painful & without my daughter going with me I wouldn't have been able to cope at all. With a quick in an out procedure you don't really come across too much of a language barrier but when your in hosp for an extended period of time this barrier becomes more and more apparent. Its totally up to you as with me it was my choice to go and have the surgery that I wanted no matter what, but if I had my time over again there is no way I would put myself at risk again in the hands of those Doctors - they work all day sometimes up to 14 hrs or so a day and are under extreme pressure to pump people out, I did my research picked a doctor with a great rep but this did not help me any. I will still suffering and will continue to suffer the consequences of my stupid choice of placing my trust in them. Don't want to be a downer, but I prob had all the same thought, fears ect as you right now !!!
  10. Hi Tina, be careful I had one of the so called best and I am now 6months later, another revision and mentally scarred still trying to get over it. No matter how much research ect you do u could be one of the unlucky ones like me and its important just to remember its such a risk )) Piyapas Tummy Tuck experience part 1 and 2 Good Luck...My pics are now removed from my profile but anyone who wants to see Im quite willing to show PM me x
  11. Hi Hi Moondancer, yes you are smart looking into getting cover. I recently had a disaster with my surgery and was in a terrible state- I took out insurance with Global Protection Solutions and Im glad I did as I was covered and got SOME of my costs back which has helped me fix the mess I was left in :/ Good Luck X
  12. There opinion lol..... of course they will tell u the world to reassure you everything will be fine . DONT DO IT.....
  13. Hi there!! Ever since the "upgrade" of PSF my pictures have disappeared- Has anyone else had a problem like this and how did you fix it?? I am unable to reload these atm as they are on another comp not accessible . Can not contact PSF keeps going to ERROR message- Moderators?? Anyone????
  14. Hi mum 05, Dr Piyapas- not sure about Brooke?... Brooke was your bad experience with Dr Piyapas too?
  15. tt My Op was with Dr P- On my return home I had to seek medical advice straight away with a plastic surgeon, it is of his opinion my problem was due to his error . I do not and have not heard of any problems with his procedures for boobs though but its all a risk ... take care and goodluck
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