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  1. Good luck the start of a very exciting journey
  2. Hope all is ok that really does not sound good keep us posted
  3. Hi girls I had a appointment this week with my PS but it's been changed to next week and there is a question that is haunting me and I really need a answer so I though someone on hear may know the answer: I need to go back in to have more reduction on my left breast only will he use all the same incision places as before and does this mean my nipple will have to be moved again hope this makes sense but its just playing on my mind as to how much surgery and recovery I will have to go through again also hoping the pain wont be as bad
  4. I found right up to 6 weeks i was sore but did'nt need anything for pain but was really sore.
  5. Yes same i cant look at my profile that comes up to
  6. Ough that must have been so hard not to be able to pick your baby up for hugs and stuff but yes they go tight again but then heal for good. I got hit with a football last night at my sons footy practice and i am really sore.Did you lose any feeling i did'nt but my right has a tingly feeling when i touch it but he said that will go so for all my over reacting and sooking at the start i am now really happy

  7. Oh I am so relieved to hear that. I've been really worried that I'm doing damage to them but I reckon you are right and that they are going to be sore when they shift back into gear. My 1 year old is a big 12 kilo boofa too so that doesn't help.

  8. At 3 weeks i felt constantly sore because thats when i started driving again doing the school run so i was using them all the time and it made them feel hard and sore I think they do that when you start using them again and then it slowly wore off and by 6 weeks the pain was suddenly gone and they were nice and soft. Thats great hubby got 3 weeks off mine got 2 weeks and it was so help full you just dont realize how often we use those muscles.

  9. Hi there fellow lift lady, I didn't get very much bruising at all, a tiny bit around my nipples and that was it really. I rang fox this morning to find out if it was normal to feel really sore after handling my baby for the first time since surgery. I've been so lucky having my hubby home for 3 weeks but this morning he went back to work. I've had to pick bub up a few times and man am I sore. Everything feels really tight again and I just hope I'm not doing any damage. How did you feel 3 weeks in hon?

  10. Wow Nic did you get any bruising i can see any. The girls are setteling in great you must be happy with your recovery so far

  11. Wow that freaked me out i know its a extream case but wow
  12. Love em wish i was game enough to go that big
  13. Missjagger i really thought my pain would never go but it took right up till the 6 week mark for it to stop. And to me mine are still very high so its a big waiting game. I know i will need to have more surgery done but he has said he will need to wait for more swelling to go down so the swelling takes a LONG times when you have had a lot of work done.The Bra also makes a lot of difference it's all a waiting game BUT VERY WORTH IT
  14. Congrate's Vanessa looking good hope the pain doesn't last to long
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