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    I think you'll suffer for it in the morning. The aching is horrible.. 
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    Tomorrow is the day. Not excited yet. Just hoping for a good result ?
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    Hellooooooo all you wonderful amazing ladies..i am finally able to get on my laptop and let you all know my experience of the brazilian implants removal on Monday ..WOW OMG were do i start..firstly i woke at 5am so nervous and knew it was going to be a 40 min taxi drive into the day surgery..the sun was out , i did write a positive afirmation before i left home ..THAT ALL WILL BE GOOD..well, upon arriving i was early no one was there , gave me a chance to breathe look around at this modern new complex, didnt look like a place they did any surgery which was pleasant to see..then finally a lovely woman comes up the stairs already knowing who i am, grabbing my hand and letting me in..Ok heart starting beating faster..then the Anesthisetics came by..another lovely woman who greeted me.. she went to change meanwhile another nurse came by took my hand and said, lets go fill out some papers and get you ready...OMG i think by this time anybody could have heard my heart beating, i was so scared!! scared of how these brazzies were going to come out ???? she took my blood preasure and it was high , she said not to panick its beacuse i was ever so nervous...Ok all qusetions filled out..it was time to get into my sexy gown and wait for my surgeoun to come and see me..it felt like forever , so then he comes in holding the boxes of my new round mentor 550 silicon smooth implants, looks at me knowing how scared i felt, he then explained EVERYTHING TO ME IN FULL DETAIL not leaving anything out , and what i liked most is that he felt CONFIDENT this wont be difficult either way if the polythene had adherd around the pocket or not, he had plans..THAT WAS GOOD TO KNOW..he was so caring i could see the genuine look in his eyes, that he NEVER meant the Brazzies to go wrong nor want to see me in anymore pain, he wanted to FIX ME!!! NOW The time to get into theatre..woahhhhhhhh was i soooooo scared, my doc did a few markers on my breasts then they layed me down, i kept talking and yapping while the Anesthestics was giving me a prick..lol i hardly felt anything i was busy still talking to my surgeoun..all of a sudden i was hearing her lull me a kind soft voice..almost like music..and me still going making sure my last words were spoken...NEXT THING I REMEMBER was nurses all around me, calling my name, saying all went well , i have beautiful breasts..was i hearing things?? Was i dreaming?? I was coming in and out like a dream..finally ..OUCH PAIN...Sharp pain..They quickly put something in my drip , as i was coming back the pain started easing..DESPERATE to try see if i had breasts looking down ..as much as i could i kept hearing..EVERYTHING went well, the brazzies came out easily , you look wonderful..Ok , took me a little while i wasnt as bad as the fisrt revision 4 months ago i was starting to feel ok..THEN MY DOC came in to see me, he explained FIRSTLY with a giggle i needed much more anesthetic to knock me out as i wouldnt go under, they all were suprised how i possibly could have not been under LOL..goes to show how strong the mind can be ey.. So my doc then told me what happend.the brazzies took to my middle chest but NOT MY SIDES, hence why they kept lifting in the middle causing me lots pain, he removed them easily leaving what he could on the side pockets to stich up the and put extra support so my smooth implants wont move to my armpits..Oh ladies i CANNOT TELL YOU HOW HAPPY I ALREADY AM!!!! he put in drain tubes and they came out yesterday i didnt drain too much, but the result already LOOKS  and feels good. i dont have that PAIN in my middle chest or feeling lumps like hard edges..I NOW HAVE MY ROUND BEAUTIFUL BOOBIES BACK YAYYYYYYYYY..Ok im still under medication, on Targin with nausea tablets, the nurse just called me now again to check up on me , all in all the SURGERY WENT WELL!!!!  i am feeling so much more positive,the best part is that my boobies already feel soft, nice and round..i got tears of JOY..writing this...i couldnt wait to tell you all, but as i cant write this on my iphone as soon as i felt comfortable enough im now writing... GOOD NEWS!!! Love my cs he proved his not an ass and did fix me, his a good doc and honestly does care that i get back on track!!! Ok i better go rest up, sorry for raving on so much..im just so HAPPY IT WORKED OUT!! ( excuse any spell mistakes still wobbly lol)..........LOVE TO YOU ALL..YAYYYYYYY!!!! XOXOXOXO
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    oh my that doesn't sound great at all... I haven't had my boobs done yet but have seen 5 surgeons and have picked mark ashton, if I was you I would go with him, he is absolutely a delight to deal with and what I need done with my boobies isn't simple and he seemed very confident and told me how it is, his PA also told me he does a lot of fixing up from other surgeons... don't see dr fung imo and he isn't a plastic surgeon anyway.
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