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  1. omg fox i just noticed that little quote in your signature haha i love it
  2. I'm sooo up for the challenge can't wait. I bet I will be all over the place though haha. That one person that keeps falling over Theres a birkam yoga place around the corner from me. Just have to wait 3 more weeks until I can do it because of boobs
  3. I was too. Its the best feeling after going through the op!
  4. Hey there I bathed from the second week. I just sat up higher so i didn't get my incisions wet. I think you can have a bath now but just dont soak your incisions!
  5. That's sooo exciting!!! I have never been but i've always wanted to go! What an amazing experience for you
  6. Hey girls I'm just wondering if anyone has done Bikram Yoga before? Yesterday I randomly booked an overseas trip with my girlfriend to go to Koh Samui in September! So we're doing this amazing looking Bikram Yoga detox thing from the 2nd-8th where you do yoga everyday and theres massages and meditating and shopping and blah blah blah it sounded really cool so I was like why the frick not! Only thing is I've never done Bikram Yoga before haha. (or any kind of yoga properly oops lol) So I promised my friend I would take some classes with her before we leave. Has anyone done this kind of Yoga?? For those who don't know much about it (like me) it's where you do Yoga in a really hot room so you sweat a crap load and apparently it's good for blood circulation and detoxing etc. Opinions and reviews are appreciated!!! I'm excited!!!!
  7. This was also my "difficult" boob my surgeon had to play around with this one more.
  8. I didn't have my crease lowered or anything and i wear the tape I was just re-dressing the tape and I saw it. It's not painful or anything and it doesn't feel any different, I hope it's nothing too serious ARRGHHH
  9. Hi ladies I just noticed this today and I'm not sure if it's worth panicking over (hopefully the pictures work) So theres this extra swollen skin underneath right near the incision on my left breast. I'm going to email my surgeon but I wont get an answer until Monday! Pleaseeee helpppp!
  10. Hey wow this is exactly me too. Im 3 weeks post op and every time I stretch out my right arm it feels like something is pulling on my incision!! Hopefully it's nothing serious for both of us. X
  11. Agreed. Im starting to get paranoid.
  12. I am 3 weeks post op now and feeling gooooooood! Pain is very minimal, I have to wear the strap though to push them together and that makes them a bit tender. I have posted pictures ( it worked...I think the forum is back!!!) FR me with message if you'd like to see. I have a quick question. I am really really craving to work out. Would it be ok if i did some light cardio on the treadmill/bike? I think not being able to exercise makes me want to do it even more lol. Anyway thats it!! Boobs are doing good!!
  13. Hey LatishaToya! If you would like to order one I can PM you my paypal or bank details then I'll post it out to you ! xx

  14. Hey emma.Congrats!!Getting teary is completely normal. I cried for about half an hour the day I got my boobs done. My mum was with me and she said it was the anesthetic. I was absolutely balling my eyes out and all I remember saying was "Mum! I'm crying so much and I'm so upset but I don't know why!!!!" It's totally normal babe... But a bit weird at the same time huh! Hope you're healing well.
  15. OMG!! Soooo cute !!! It would be like getting presents every month!!! I'm so doing it
  16. I can't see the new threads posted. I have to go to my profile and look in Activity to read the forums.
  17. Hey hun, can't PM you back until you clear your inbox space hehe xx

  18. I'll have one for you MissBuzz!! And good point Dolly. I'll keep it to a minimum thanks girls xx
  19. Hey everyone Hope you are all having a fabulous Friday !! I'm wondering whats the go on drinking after surgery? I'm 10 days post op, I've finished all of my meds, I'm off my antibiotics. Now I only take some panadol if the pain is bad. But it's more discomfort if anything. I'm back at the apartment earlier than I thought and my friends want to come over and have drinks. I'm wondering would it be ok to have a glass of wine? xx :)
  20. Good luck!!!! Cant wait to hear about it!!!!
  21. This is making me soooo keen to have a night out haha. I am 10 days post op. I need a glass of wine already!!!
  22. Awesome that you're recovering well Jemm I'm 8 days post op and my nipples are still weird and puffy and soft. Annnnnnoying
  23. Yay boobies!!!! Hope your recovery is quick and easy!! Rest up xox
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