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  1. I wish I knew about this procedure, especially now that I know I dont heal well. Sounds like a great option.
  2. So sorry.....ironic that we're both from Adelaide, both had our surgeries close to each other and both having ongoing issues that dont seem to fit the 'normal fixes'. If we had used the same surgeon I would have started to wonder, but guess we both have bodies that haven't responded well. Hoping there's light at the end of the tunnel soon for both of us that makes all this worth it.
  3. Firstly I'm really sorry that I havent accepted anyones friend requests or answered any messages. I had been trying to just stay away from everything to do with boobs, try to stop focussing on them while I 'wait and see" if any of my issues resolve so I didn't get so upset all the time. I'm now just over 3 months post op, had to have a redo one side at 3 weeks post op for a double bubble type look. Mainly this can be due to them lowering your crease but mine never was. Anyway, 3 months on and I still have the double bubble look just as before and my other side even has it slightly too. My scars are also still horrible even though I've been using silicon gel twice a day as soon as my stitches healed over. I can feel the edging of the implant quite a lot and rippling when I lean forward. I just sent Dr Harwood more updates and he got me to lift the skin above my nipple to see if the fold disappears which it does. Even though my nipple was still above my crease pre-op, so didnt need a lift at all, apparently this means my skin tone doesn't want to snug the implant and my only options are - 1 - Do nothing - wait and see 2 - Consider a benelli type lift around my areola to take up the slack which the benefit is I can keep my C cup (I dont want to go big plus even with this size I can feel all the edging of the implant) .... it can be done soon BUT the downside he said is that I may be left with bad scarring seen as my crease scars aren't healing well (he's not at all happy with my scars) 3 - Go with a bigger implant which can't be done for quite a while due to waiting for the brazilian implants coating to break down etc. 4- Investigate laser skin tightening for my upper breast but he doesnt know how effective it would be. So there you go, everything from the size, the shape and my scars haven't worked out even close to what I had hoped I know Dr Harwood will look after me and dont think it had anything to do with him as a surgeon or the choice of implants he used on me, just my skin, my body unfortunately. But now I'm left with what to do??? Any advice?? Anyone else ever have these issues where theres a double bubble even though the crease was never lowered? Did going bigger resolve it, benelli lift???
  4. Thanks again girls, I'm meant to update the doctor with photos etc in 2 more weeks so trying to be patient until then because there's obviously also the issue of the re-do breast still not settling in the crease. It's just that things go round and round your head so wanted other's opinions on it and that I'm not going crazy with how different shape I've ended up. I just dont feel like me, which I know sounds stupid because of course I wanted to look better with boobs but still thought I'd be my shaping, just bigger. SeptemberBoobies - wow, you are close, I didnt even see that, all the best with everything, I hope I didnt dampen your excitement and thankyou with your explanations, it does make a lot of sense.
  5. I cant find the website to point you to, but when I was researching BA's I came across the issue of overly sensative nipples and the girl had tried to rough them up so they were less sensitive. The therapist had her stop right away as this only increases your body/nerves response to not like touch. Instead she had her work with silk. When she was in a relaxed mood, to daily lay on her back and just run the silk scarf over her nipple lightly for as long as she could stand without it becoming irritable. Then to progress to having the silk on the mattress and letting her nipple brush over the scarf instead. The concept behind it is to have the nipples touched enough with something that isn't horrible which can help stop your nerves overreacting to touch. Its a bit like tickling your forearm (brushing over lightly) never feels as goose bumpy as if it were your side under your arm .....both touches are soft but the forearm has a lot more contact with things day to day than your side under your arm. So by using the silk which is soft and hopefully not making you flinch, you send different signals to the nerve endings about touch.
  6. thankyou girls and SeptemberBoobies...that makes a lot of sense and a little depressings also. I was deciding between Harwood and Miroshnick and although I think Dr Harwood is fantastic at what he does, now I understand what your saying..... I look at Big Red's results and can see Dr Miroshnik has not placed them central to the nipple but actually brought them in more for her so perhaps would have done the same for me.
  7. Thankyou for taking a look ....it's been like it the whole time really and although my left side settled quicker, my skin seems to shrink wrap around the inner part of the implants and a little on top also so magnifies the jutting out severely from my chest look (actually worse in real life and hard to show in photos). I could understand it if they were still rock hard but they are fairly soft for brazilian so if they are already relaxed, this may be what I'm left with.
  8. Just had a look at your photos for you and I really think it would be because of the very small distance you had between your nipple and breast crease, the implant would almost feel like its bulging out of you as your skin and breast tissue gets used to more weight and the more bulging shape there. You may even be getting slight muscle spasms as it settles. With my right breast that isnt co-operating, (also had the shorter distance from crease to nipple) I actually like it when I feel strange sensations in it, because that to me means 'something' is happening in the settling process.
  9. I feel like I'm going insane but as much as I look at pre-op and post-op results of anyone with similar implant choice to me and also see their before photos, so know their starting point.....I still dont understand why I have a 3 finger width gap when I didnt before? For those that are friends with me would you please give me your opinion? Would you agree by looking at my pre-op shots that you would imagine my results to be closer also? I'm just wondering if the implants I got were just the wrong choice for me because if you look at my pre-op shots, although I'm tiny, my cleavage met in the middle so surely I should remain similar? It's not that I find a close or wide cleavage any better but you have in your head and get used to your natural shaping, then do a lot of research to estimate the results you will get and even got told by the PS I saw here before seeing Dr Harwood that I should end up with a 1 cm gap. I got 270ccHP brazilian teardrops with a width size of 11.1 and my natural breast widths are 11 and 11.5 Thankyou girls xxx
  10. I've altered but not that big a difference, more like what Georgia said...almost like they would swell more. Your one lucky girl though and hopefully they keep growing and you dont need a BA!!
  11. I got 270ccHP and would have been happier with less or moderate profile 240cc to fit the same breast width. For me it was that I wanted to look my best naked and I've always been fine with small boobs, I just wanted them a bit fuller and if I wanted more projection clothed, I'd use bras. I think it all depends on your frame though (I'm fairly boney) and on the side in clothes, mine jutt out more than I would have wanted to tell you the truth and thats without bras. Who knows though, I'm early post-op so they may soften sideways more so gradually coming out from my cleavage instead of seeming to jutt out too severe.
  12. You can FR me....I had 270cc HP furry Brazilians and am now a C cup from an A. They have settled even more than my pics show but sometimes I still find their bigger than I wanted, I guess I just need to get used to them. Jamily, could I FR you please, it's always great to see progress pic of furry brazilians further down the track.
  13. I had the same problem and ended up just wearing my post op bra and then a zip up hoody over the top for a while. Even though I could lift my arms to wash my hair I couldn't strain them for putting a top on so I still found wearing singlet tops or wide neck long sleeve tops that you can step into far easier. Then again the zip up hoody over the top for extra warmth.
  14. I saw them the other day and definately want to try some on. Not sure if anyone else has tried just taking out the wire from bras (that arent designed to be removed)....but I had a cheap pair from cotton on that were gorgeous, I just cut the wire out and they seem to fit and sit really well so going to try it on some others I have before chucking them out.
  15. So glad you found this out before you had your BA. We are all different and nothing is wrong with getting a BA and equally nothing is wrong with having small boobs. The truth is I still only wanted small boobs but needed them fuller due to breastfeeding and ending up with just skin etc. I'm waiting patiently for my 270ccHP implants to settle more but I still dont love them. I wish I went smaller, just to fill me slightly and thats all.
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