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    Central Coast. NSW
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    Breast Augmentation; Under the muscle, High profile round textured 345cc implants
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    Dr Jake Lim (Parramatta/Castle Hill) 30th May 2011
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    162cm/ 49kg/ 10DD
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    Going to the beach, catching up with friends, modelling, time with my fiance, eating! :D

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  1. Thanks Newster - yeah after reading a few reviews I think mine was the swelling and 1ml didn't do alot. I've found a LCA that's really good apparently so I'll be giving them another go
  2. All good I'm a bit delayed on replies on here too. After reading a few girls experiences on here I think it can be normal for 1ml to not be big enough & to "shrink" but really it's the swelling going down. Haha that's funny! A girl I know recommended LCA at Tuggerah she's had a few things done by the girl there & she looks great. So I'm going to go there for lips & some botox too, might just have to get a 2nd ml in a month or so to keep them bigger thanks for your reply x
  3. Hey mycosmeticjourney - your lips look great! I had mine done at LCA Erina about 2 years and was not happy at all. But it sounds like you've had a pretty positive experience at the Charlestown LCA, I might have to give them a go as it's pretty close. Was it the same person each time doing the injecting? I might go in and find out about a consult this weekend. Thank you!
  4. I must have had a bad experience at LCA. I went to Erina, no consult with a doctor or a nurse arrived for my appt & the injector was not very informative at all. It was SOO painful, I knew it was going to be but was not expecting that much pain! Then my product didn't even last longer than a month. My top lip completely deflated after like 3 weeks. Which was so annoying because LCA are really reasonably priced & I was hoping to get a few more things done. Anyone know of some good places/injectors around Newcastle/Central Coast? I'm thinking I may have to go to Sydney though! sorry to invade this post but didn't get any replies on mine & couldn't find any other forums with info for my area.
  5. Hi everyone - I haven't been on this forum since after my BA a few years ago. Now I'm wanting some more stuff done so I thought I would come here for some information again I'm planning to have my lips filled & my forehead lines done. I've been thinking Skin Integrity at Terrigal NSW as it's close & saves me driving to Sydney. I was wondering if anyone had been there for fillers or if you can recommend somewhere else, I may have to go to Sydney if the best is there! I had my lips done about 2 years ago at Laser Clinics at Erina, but it was a waste of money! Unsure of the product they use there but I know it was 1ml. For about 2 weeks they looked great! But then my top lip started to to back to normal really quick & my cupids bow lost all definition! I was so bummed seems I was expecting them to last at least 3 months. They weren't as plump as I would have like either. Or is this normal from 1ml of product? I wouldn't think that they'd only last 2 weeks. Would love some recommendations on where I should go! Thanks!
  6. I'm only 20 & I'm happy I got mine done now, I wanted big boobs! And wasn't going to wait! And I completely agree with everyone that getting them younger while you can afford it & enjoy them is a great idea. To be honest once I've had kids & I'm around my later 30s or whatever it won't surprise me if I go back & get bigger ones & maybe a lift if needed
  7. Great post! I love reading everyone's post op stories, they're always so similar & makes me think back to my surgery! I remember day 2 to about day 4 I was so upset and uncomfortable I remember saying to my Mum, 'I want them out! Why did I get them?!' but yeah after that I was starting to feel better! And with the stitches, that creeped me out too that they dissolved buy honestly one day they were just gone! At my post op consult (1 week after surgery) my nurse cut the ends of the stitches so you could hardly notice them then. Good luck with your recovery & congratulations on having boobs! It's the best decision I've ever made
  8. Aww no. They do kinda look fake, but yeah they are awesome boobs! If they are fake, you can't even tell! Hers look like they wouldn't be high profile coz they sit more flat. Maybe a wider implant or something, I wouldn't really know! Lol
  9. Yay you now have boobies! Hope your surgery went well & the same for your recovery x
  10. Yay! How exciting! How are you going now? Are you happy with the size? How big did you end up going?
  11. How exciting you're surgery would be so close now! I get so happy reading when other girls are going for surgery, I remember how excited I was words can't describe how happy I was once I woke up with boobs! And with sizing, I'm about 45kg & 160cm tall I'm pretty thin & no babies & I went with 345cc and I'm a 10DD or 10E in some, but yeah they don't look like DD's but the size they are is what I wanted! Hoping all goes well for you! And let us all know how you go after surgery xx
  12. Another happy girl with Dr Jake Lim. I went to him for my BA & I'm exactly the same, I would definitely do it all again, he is wonderful & would recommend him to anyone!
  13. I love all your posts! Haha you finally have boobies! I remember when I joined the forum & you were like 'I have like 4 months to go! '. Sounds like you've had an awesome experience & recovery, and you sound like me I don't know how I went 20 years without boobs haha! Anyone undecided on getting boobs, just do it! Greatest decision I've ever made, & I'm sure you'll agree.
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