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  1. dragonfly


    Gumnut, you may find that prices have gone up considerably since you had your veneers made. I have just been quoted Approx $10,000 for my top 4 teeth to be done! I find that outrageously expensive and well beyond what I can afford!
  2. I live in Brisbane. I have very bad sun damage to my face and neck and I was wondering if Dermabrasion would help reduce the wrinkles. Does anyone know where to go in Brisbane and approximate costs.
  3. dragonfly


    Where did you have yours done? Can you post photos of just your teeth? Thanks.
  4. Thinking about having a set of veneers to my upper front teeth. Can anyone recommend a good Cosmetic Dentist either in Australia or overseas?
  5. dragonfly


    I'm considering having a neck and mid face lift. Who is or are the best surgeons in Australia? I have read that Dr Tobias Pincock is very good but I can't find many reviews on his facelifts.
  6. I'm after a S lift or a MACS lift. Thanks for your reply.
  7. I want to have a face lift, but the more research I do here in Australia, the more concerned I am about the the experience and competence of the Australian surgeons. Has anyone gone to Europe or the USA for their surgery and what was their experience?
  8. I am thinking about having a brow, neck and facelift. I have been researching surgeons here in Australia and it would seem that there are lots of surgeons with not very good results. Therefore I am wondering if the surgeons in Thailand are more experienced and up to date with the latest techniques or whether I should just keep looking here in Australia.
  9. Sorry if this has been done to death but I am new on this forum. I want to find some one in and around the Brisbane area who is good at injecting. Thanks.
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