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  1. Hey megz your stats are the same as mine- i weigh 52-53kgs and im 165cm. I had my breast augmentation done 3 weeks ago and i got dual plane placement 570cc, round but extra high profile. All depends on how big you want to be and what sortof look youre after You can add me if you want and private message me any questions
  2. Cant stand fake tans. Used to get them every week for like 3 years!! get over the wetness in bed and smell. I know solariums arent good for you but what is these days plus if you dont over use them i dont see every now and then to be a problem. I go occasionally to boost up my colour but im usually always at the beach anyway.
  3. Yes that's fine as long as your incisions are covered! Im 3 weeks next week and going to go back for some sessions too
  4. Do any of you girls know where to get any of the zip up crop bras?
  5. I will hang out with you playboy, i dont have alot of girlfriends either! and im also newly single after a controlling jealous relationship
  6. im 11 days post op with 570cc xhp textured round and i feel like i am so unhappy.They are so huge in person and i feel that they look just that bit too big on me. I feel like pamela anderson. I was afraid from the start and kept telling my ps i didnt want to look ridiculous but still wanted them big. For the girls who have had over 500's similar to me, did yours shrink a little? Im actually hoping mine go down a little bit otherwise i am going to be one unhappy girl and might have to look at a revision later on. Its so hard to be patient and wait 6 months but i so hoping they are going to get
  7. They dont need to be approved but apparently you need to edit the photo for it to upload which is what i had to do with mine to work. its weird!
  8. Thanks heaps babe xx Sorry you're going through this aswell. I really am trying to be patient and need to realize the swelling and everything needs to go down but still just so scared. I don't know why i miss my old girls so much, cause i used to complain all the time about the fullness gone on top and then I get my new ones and i'm sad. I really hope i start to love them and i'm glad you are starting to grow to love yours. My left nipple actually stings and hurts abit too when its rubbing on the crop top. I hope thats normal and just passes. Ive just got my pre op photos up, you cant see t
  9. Oh maynegirl im hearing ya!! i was pretty much bed ridden the first 4 days. Just the pain and everytime i moved, it was so sore, especially trying to move my arms, it was so difficult and frustrating! Atleast you can do all of those things! Hope it gets easier for you asap and i hope you don't have to go through these emotions, i really hope you love your new girls xx
  10. Hey hun, Its an awful feeling hey, when this should be a time where we should be happy. I am so sorry you feel the same way aswell That is such great news from your surgeon which is definitely very reassuring and i hope your nipple problems improve so you don't have to go through that again, but atleast you have that option there! Totally the exact same as you with the swelling and keeping arms closed on your sides, it definitely feels like they are just gonna pop or just a very sore uncomfortable feeling but i will say that, they have gotten better these last few days. I thought my pain
  11. Thank you x but they were my pre op boobs which is why i keep thinking have i made the right decision. Hope this depresso stage goes away fast
  12. Thanks so much Im trying very hard but i just miss my old boobs now. I know i still have to give it some time and be patient i guess
  13. You would be well and truely out by now!! Hope it all went well for you and your not in to much pain!! Hope you love your results!
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