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  1. Oops sorry deleting now lol

  2. Yea the gauze helps push the excess implant that was lower than the left boobie up inside the bra so it heals higher. I took the bra off this morning just to see if it had changed at all and there is a huge difference. I've taken photos but can't upload them here will sort it out when I get home. The only trouble I'm having is sleeping. I'm trying to sleep sitting up as much as possible but after a short while my bum goes numb and hurts or if I slide down in the bed the boobs hurt argh it's a no win situation lol. Tonight I'm going to take 2 Valium and just hope for the best lol but all in all the day pain is getting really minimal. How long till you just lay normal in your bed.

  3. Hi I was going to tell you about going back to the doctor but you can see it in ur recent activities so no need to write it to you twice lol I feel a lot happier now and know its only going to be a slow healing process. I'm glad I went though cause I do feel it needed to be lifted an inch. Ok thanks for your help. Xx

  4. Hi I'm glad your ongoing well. I went back and saw the doctor today and he said it was because the muscle was tighter on that side and that it was also an inch sag more that he duel planed that one cause if he didn't then the nipples would have been odd. I was still concerned as it was a hell of a diff and if I pushed it up the nipples didn't really change so he agreed and ive now got a wad of gauze in my bra for the next 3 months and he said it will help raise it but not push it all the way and in 6 months I prob won't be able to tell the diff. I do believe him that at the moment I'm looking at a fresh out of shape boobie and going by looking at my friends I thought her job was just awful when done but now 6 months later they look so good and so natural, round n soft. So I'm just going to be patient and trust his word. At least all but laying down n getting up the pain has almost gone. Oh and although it took me a hour n half I really enjoyed my half bath hair wash.

  5. yes it all went well but im in alot of pain right now.... it is easing as the day goes on but the swelling is right up there .....5 hours ago I would have gladly had them reversed but thank fully they are on the improve, I can actually get out of bed by myself with minimal swearing ha ha....hope you are doing well

  6. Good luck with your op...Im sure all your nerves will go and excitement will kick in (as soon as you see them lol)...Ive got 18 sleeps till mine and like you im going thru the anxious stage several times a day ha ha...

  7. Happy birthday...hope you have enjoyed your day...:)

  8. Hi sorry to annoy you.....I was reading in one of your posts you uploaded some recent photos but I dont know how to navigate this site very well and cant seem to find them lol....Or maybe they are private just for cetain people ( I will understand if so)...also it took me for ever to even find the Avitar / count down thingy but mine doesnt seem to count down and I have NO idea how to make it....Only if you have a second spare can you let me know how to do that too ha ha...Glad to hear your healing well and that your very happy for doing it in the first place cause although Im excited to be going thru with this I just wish I was like you post op and very happy :)

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