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  1. thanks ladies! I guess it is just a waiting game!! I will keep you updated with my progress!!
  2. so my heading said it all... 10 weeks (nearly 11) post op and I still am wearing bras with no underwire.. I have been into bnt, myers, david jones, cotton on- every bra shop you can think of- trying on bras hoping that something will be nice and fit. about 5/6 weeks ago I was sized at a 12C.. a few days ago I went in and was sized at a 12D.. basically- i dont think i've settled properly enough- my breasts just look silly in a nice bra- the bra isnt doing anything supportive,so it literally just lookslike the bra is there covering the breasts (and even then i think because of my implants its just not looking right!) I am so excited about my new look- but I am so disappointed because i still cannot wear anything nice! someone at bnt told me that its because i still need to settle (a few weeks ago) and in the last few weeks it feels like nothing has changed!! is this just a waiting game??
  3. oh wwow! thank you everyone for your response! I was really interested- but now I am definitely deterrred! I will just stick wtih the Pill for now.. Thank you !!
  4. I'm not sure about numbness.. but I'm nearly 12 weeks P.O andstill cant wear an underwire bra because I havn't settled properly yet and still too high!!
  5. hi girls, abit off topic- but was wondering if anyone here has implanon and could give any feedback on it? it seems like a wonderful idea, but there are so many mixed reviews online! any personal experiences would be very appreciated! thank you in advance
  6. that was my question too Bebe! I really want to get involved in boxing for fitness- can we do this??? Also,does this mean using no gym equipment to do with arms/ chest at all?!
  7. I had tuberous breasts, and measured at 11cms. I had very, very little breast tissue- told that I should still be wearing crop tops as I had nothing to fill a bra. I got 385CC textured under the muscle.. This was supposed to take me to a C; and I think it has. I would have loved a D, but with my original breasts this wasn't possible. I would definitely go and get another consult and talk your options.
  8. Erinlee- I was the exact same!! I had a huge freak when I went to pay my bills, and then the night before I was literally on edge! I couldn't focus or do anything- no eating, no conversations.. I felt like this big black cloud was looming over me! THe scariest part for me throughout the entire process was the drive there.. I was absolutely petrified.. I got into the hospital and I cried witht he nurse, telling her how nervous I was. I went through (and because the nurse saw I was really anxious) and my partner was allowed in with me, which was a huge relief. We waited around for about half hour, then my surgeon came in and i spoke to him, and the anethesiest which also calmed me down. once you're awake and the procedures done, it's done! no moreworries then! i found it very painful, but you have this attitude of "well this is what i expected" and thinking to the future and how it will all be worth it in the future. i am now ten days post op and feeling fabulous! so much more confident.. this was the best thing that I have ever done for myself!!!! :D i realise that this is my story.. but i'm hoping that by sharing my experience you might find some comfort/ confidence!! xx
  9. Thanks Panda! I am wearing it as much as I can (having an hour or so with it off for sanity!) but not wearing the bra much at all anymore..only really wearing it if I feel like I need it.. Starting to feel much better now! ten days post op :D
  10. Thanks Sukii! I have just done some reading! I will keep this on as much as I can now!!!
  11. I absolutely AM!!! Starting to get very excited and already feeling much more confident and sexy!
  12. Hi Ladies, After reading many stories on here.. I am yet to come accross any mentioning a chest strap? I am not sure if this is an overlook or something new.. Basically my surgeon has given me a strap to wear above my breasts (directly under my armpits) which i am to wear 24/7 for the next week.. it is apparently supposed to help push the implants down and into place (they are still riding very high).. Ive been told that i dont need to wear my bra- only when/ if i want to.. My problem is that if i wear my bra and my strap, it is really painful at the bottom of my breast; it is as if the strap is pushing the implant down, and the bra is pushing it up!! Therefore i'm only wearing the bra when i dont have the strap on.. have any other ladies here experienced this?
  13. hi girls,thank you ever so much for your replies! i am gradually starting to feel much better- was able to start doing more things by myself yesterday, can move my arms abit better too.i havnt been sick anymore, and not feeling as queasy anymore so much better! just slowly taking things a day at a time thank you all xx
  14. three days post op and in absolute AGONY. i literally cannot do anything without help. i have spent this morning vomiting- think i had a bad reaction to the tablets that i'm on. writing a short post because literally so exhausted. someone please tell me this gets better!!
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