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    E.J. got a reaction from Kelburgess in Finally found my surgeon! My consulation with Dr Eddy Dona.   
    Hi girls, as you know ive been majorly stressing that I would be able to find myself a surgeon/he won't give the size im after! So after i had my consulation with Dr Harwood, he told me i had mild tuberous breasts and he would only be able to offer me 390cc furry nuance (oval) overs. I was deversatated after this because I want sure if had tuberous breasts or not and was hoping to go to atleast DD+. So after I poured my heart out on the forum, i felt better and was looking forward to my next consulation with Dr Eddy Dona.

    After a horrific morning before the consulation (spent two hours walking round sydney CBD looking for this bus stop to take me to Bella Vista, arguing with my OH all morning & just generally being stressed) I rocked upto Dr Dona's place, not looking my best! I was sweating & my hair was frizzy! Felt so ahsamed, as usually im quite glam! So put that aside i felt sick with nerves. I waited about 5 minutes then Dr Dona came out and called me in. My nerves had disapeard and I just felt feel comfatuble & my worries had gone away.

    Im really shy in person, so silence around others i feel really unconfable. But Dr Dona made me feel at ease and done all the talking. He asked me few questions about my health, what i was after, then asked me to sit on the bed whilst he measured me up. He's a hot doc so i was a little embarrased whipping out my tiny non exsistant boobs lol. He told me its ok and relaxed me.

    He measured me up and said i have a wide chest, breasts sitting high & nipples widley placed. The nipples might be noticable after surgery being widley placed, or the implants could bring them in, he said its not a major issue but if i wanted my nipples moved then there would be a major scar & that would be a sperate operation. He suggested unders, and to make a new crease to fit a bigger implant in. I asked if i thought my breasts were tuberous and he said definetly not, my skin is tight and short under the nipple but not all over. I was so relieved but at the same time confused as to why two cosmetic surgeons had told me i have tubeous breasts?

    So we tried on the sizes, first thing he said was im going to skip the small implants and go straight to the big ones, so i first tried on 520cc, we both thought wasnt big enough, 560 not big enough, 620cc was perfect!! I was in love!! It changed my figure completely, i had real curves and i felt so feminine. he agreed they looked perfect on my frame and will definely have 620ccs when i go for surgery. The implant profile is extra high & textured nagors.

    Before i tried on the sizes, he said are you after a round, full upper pole look & want to balance out your body? i was like, yes!! He never asked to see pictures of what i was after, he was excactly on my wave length on what I wanted. (showed him katherine tinkerbells boobs anyway lol) He made me feel really confident that hes going to do a great job, and he made me feel really safe too. Dr Harwood made me feel uneasy, like he wasnt sure what he could do for me.

    Dr Dona the explained with making a new crease for me I will have to wear a strap across my chest to help push the implants down for a little while, and make sure i massage them properly to help move the implants down & because of the risk CC.

    After lots of chatting, i walked out feeling really happy & confident (not like me at all). So just waiting for payday now to book in!! Eeekk so excited!! Bring on july!!!

    (ps sorry for the essay i just like reading thourogh stories myself b'cus im a stress pot lol)

    Ems x
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    E.J. got a reaction from PinkFriday in Right breast infected now   
    Hi chick not sure if your wound has cleared up as I don't really used the forum anymore, I got golden staph after my op and it took around 8/9 weeks for it to heal and clear up. Perservere!!!
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