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  1. So glad you're happy with them now! :) Hopefully you'll recover really well. I can't beleive that first doctor butchered you like that! I'm so hesitant about overseas surgery, I rang Dr Tavakoli's nurse a few times in my first few weeks cos i was so paranoid! I even thought I had CC developing around one of the incisions, turs out i was just crazy and it was scar tissue developing. Just had to massage it out. Although my boyfriend did all of the massaging Hahaha! It was so tiring, and I could just lay there and watch TV when he did it :) I got mine done in August 2009, although my first consultation was in December 2008. I'm in the military so I had to go overseas for work for 4 months and didn't want them done before incase anything went wrong. So, booked the surgery for one week after I flew back to Aus and had another consult the day before my surgery (lucky I did, cos that's when we changed our minds to put above the muscle and go bigger implants).