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  1. Hello and welcome! I am relatively new to this forum too, and found it such a great site for information! I was also pretty overwhelmed with the pros v cons of thailand too- but I researched a lot and have booked with a company that offers Colombian surgery tours. I found the price to be very competitive with the others I looked at in Thailand. Another thing that I discovered was the Doctor I am using in Colombia has pan-american international insurance that covers his procedures back in Australia for 30 days. In the event there are any complications (he has no record of any major complications in 17 years) the expenses are reimbursed through his insurance company. Ofcourse there would be lag as with all paper work, but for peace of mind I found it really helpful and comforting. The more research and advice you have the better- you need to make an informed decision and it sounds as if you are doing your research! Goodluck,
  2. Thanks ladies, I have decided to go with Dr Julio in Colombia. I am really happy with the travel company that is organising it all, and i am happy to support aussie companies even if its not an aussie surgeon. My contact with the Dr has been really great, and i feel good about my decision.
  3. Hi MissBuzz, Yeah it reads so well, it made me so much more comfortable knowing how she started the company!!! I got an intro package because they company is new in Australia so its $5550 inc flights, we are staying at the Sheraton Hotel and BA. I have just sent my pics to the Dr and he is confirming price at the moment!! Sooooooo excited. He uses mentor implants, and i have been reading alot about sizes, shapes, textures! so much info!
  4. Hello, I am booked for June 8 with Dr Julio Cesar in Colombia, I found this story today from the owner of the travel company about her experiences getting BA in Colombia and how she started the business. great read -http://www.latinbeautyescapes.com/resources/ Yay Yay Yay!!! I can not wait ladies!!!!!
  5. I can recommend Latin Beauty Escapes, I recently enquired with them and they got back to my very quickly and all my communication with the surgeon Dr Julio has been great so far.
  6. Yay! I am booked with Dr Julio in Colombia from June 8th!!!!!
  7. Morning everyone!! I just wanted to update this post on my progress comparing prices. I was always leaning towards the Colombian option over Thailand, and just got my prices for Colombia and because they are a relatively new company they are offering special intro prices for $5550! I am so excited! I think I am going on the June 8th trip!
  8. Great, yeah! Thanks i will look at Lotus to see that special. How long did it take you between enquiring- booking- going to Thailand?
  9. (error with this forum sorry if i repost twice). Thanks! Yeah i got a quote today from the Aus company for Colombia for $6500 including fiights going via LA for a stopover and shopping. My friend went with Cosmetic Inst in Sydney but was disappointed in the post-op care.
  10. Great info ! I just received a quote from a surgeon in Colombia and using an Australian company latin beauty escapes including flights looks to be about $6,500. A friend of mine used the Comsetic Inst. Sydney and was disappointed in their service, and post-op care which is really important to me.
  11. Hi ! Thank you for your replies. Yes Annabel, such a good point- price is definately a motivator for me looking overseas opposed to Australia, but it is not the only concern. Quality is very important, and trust with the company that is organising the packages. Thanks for the info Georgia! I have be estimating around $5000-6500 range. Yes MissBliss, i would also be looking for cosmetic tourism company to help, especially with language barriers etc. At the moment I am still most impressed with a relatively new australian cosmetic company that offers the packages to Colombia. But i have read lots of good things about Global Health Travel. I think the hard thing is that there is just soo much information available, its easy to get overwhelmed by reading too much! Did anyone use Finance companies? was that easy? Goodluck Lucy! How long was your turnaround time from enquiring, consultation and then it almost being here next week! how exciting.
  12. Hi! I am new to this forum (as of the weekend!) and am beginning to get overwhelmed with all the information available online. I have begun researching breast augmentation surgery, and i have had 1 consult in Australia and am now considering comparing the costs with Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and recently heard about Colombia being an option. I am planning a trip to the Americas later this year so thats how i discovered Colombia as an option, As a guide, can we start to post here what price range we are looking at for surgery in each location ? (please make mention of what was included in costs and what was extra!) Thanks for all your help, Sara
  13. Cool, thanks for your help ladies! I received some great information and it seems really reasonable, I am going to look into it more. It seems the surgery price is a lot less than Australia, and even heaps cheaper than Thailand. I need to factor in the flight costs and the time, but i figure if i am going to be over that way anyway, it seems like the cheapest and best option. I'll let you know how i go.
  14. Thanks! I found a website that offers Colombian surgery tours from Australia. I sent an enquiry, i'll see how that goes. Is it just geography do you think? Why do Australians always go to Thailand?
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