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  1. over the last two months i've found they have dropped around 1cm, noticeable from my arm pit, they have come closer together and getting squishier
  2. love my teardrops! i think if i got rounds they would of been near my collar bone lol
  3. wow! who thought they would even make them that big
  4. believe me you're in the care of a medical professional everything will be ok easier said than done, but think of the happier things, like when you're all healed and you'll think back and think i wreaked my brain for nothing! i had my crazyness the first week after my BA, i broken down crying heavily 3 times over stupid things my sister and partner did/didnt do for me. i think at the time i was thinking, im different now, why did i do this blah blah. now, not even 2 weeks on im so much happier in general life because of my boobies positive thoughts!!
  5. i got a zip front sports one and its a little bit loose and comfortable (large C/D cup), so its good for sleeping and around the house but i won't wear it out. i got some of those seamless ones from target, size 16! im like an 10 bra size haha
  6. yay!! it's such a stomach butterfly crazy feeling huh
  7. i had drains because i went sub muscular and it was a tight fit (biggest implant i could go) dr ces didn't want there to be any more pressure than there already was. i thought they were disgusting and didn't even look at them the week i had them, partner squeezed the bags daily. both bags were full 700ml by the friday (surgery was on monday) one absolutely killed getting taken out and one i felt nothing it made a huge difference to my current result and furthermore
  8. the only bloating i had was from the meds clogging up my bowels which i took laxatives every two days to help movement, stomach looked so much better afterwards lol i had drains so assume the bloating from surgery didn't affect me
  9. thanks girls for reading and being positive about my experience i've been trying on clothes that i've worn once/twice in the past or even never (had them in my wardrobe for a rainy day i guess? lol) and OMG they make clothes look so much nicer!! best accessory a girl could ever buy
  10. $50 consult. $12,750 - surgical, anaesthetist, theatre, surgical bra, (polyurothane cohesive gel silicone) brazilian implants and all post operative visits directly with my surgeon. May had cost me more than what other surgeons charge (?) I love the fact he's clinic is 10 minutes from my house and I'm extremely happy to pay what I did for the result I received
  11. Seriously all I did was sleep eat toilet and watched few tv shows, which were reality trashy tv, like shahs of sunset lol. You are exhausted all week. Ask your doctor for sleeping pills, it really helps at night and you'll find you nap during the day anyway I didn't leave the house until getting drains out, don't expect to be out shopping etc lol
  12. Hi girls! It's been 6 days since I got my beautiful breasts done by Dr Ces size B to D (360cc slimed brazilians teardrop behind muscle) Where do I start.. I've always wanted larger breasts, my sister was lucky enough to be blessed with bigger boobs than me, and so do all my girlfriends, it's always what I've wanted to make myself feel more confident in clothes, swimwear etc, this was definitely for myself, not my partner or getting attention for the wrong reasons. The whole process I've gone through with Dr Ces and the lovely ladies at his clinic and the day hospital have been warm, caring and not one question that you might think is silly/stupid or embarrassing is that to any of them One day last month I was like stuff it, got the money (which was supposed to be for a home loan, oops!) and grew some lady balls and called Dr ces for a consultation. Few weeks later went in, I was so nervous, sweaty palms, thinking holy heck ok I'm actually doing this! He came out, greeted me with his nice white teeth and soothing voice. Sat down in his office and he proceeded to ask about myself, what I wanted in size, if I had any photos of what I may have wanted, I had no idea! All I said was D cup and natural , no porn star boobies lol. He explained the Brazilian implant and the benefits which was so interesting as I hadn't done much research at this point. Got to touch/squeeze all the different ones which was fun! As soon as i took my top off for measurements, he said "I'm going to remove that for you" haha as I had a quite large '3rd nipple' mole smack bang in the middle of my chest lol! He measured all the skin around my breasts, seemed very precise on everything, re measuring getting it all correct. Then had chicken fillets put into a sports bra. First reaction, omg they're huge! And heavy! At this point we had chosen 315cc tear drop brazilians. Three days later, I got boobie greed!! Which he warned me about in the consult. Emailed him and with a prompt response he said largest I could go was 360cc and it'll be a tight fit but still look very nice. This is what I booked in and so glad I did, not that much difference cc but just knowing that was definitely the largest I could go was fantastic! Month later I was in surgery actually getting it done! Southport day hospital was fantastic, ladies were so lovely, made sure I was comfortable and I was the lucky 1st one in at 7.30am. Saw Dr Ces again to do all the boobie drawings, again very precise. The warm operating bed was amazing! Drip in my hand stung like hell and out I was. Woke up quite well, when I was in recovery I got very light headed twice while my partner and Dr Ces were talking about the drains, so disgusting to me! Wheeled out to the car and off I was by around midday. My recovery week had ups and downs of course. I was lucky enough to have my partner for the whole week (he goes back to work tomorrow) but I'm a complete wuss! Tell you the truth last week was a bit of a blur, you just sleep, toilet and eat. I had love hate relationship with the drains, love it now because my boobs already look amazing, hate because they're disgusting and one really really hurt coming out on Friday! Now it's being patent, waiting for them to bloom into the perfect set of boobs I've always wanted! Found my nipples are more sensitive now too, which I'm loving If you just read my novel I really hope I've informed you and may have changed or secured your thought of going to Dr Ces. I cannot recommended him high enough and he will be my surgeon for life! I have before and after photos in my profile if you wish to view just send me a quick message and friend request Also my avatar is from today, 6 days after surgery!!
  13. branch manager at a car rental company. my works been great with having time off, put as sick leave for my op!
  14. It was fantastic, explained everything simple so i could understand. I've wanted to get new boobs for least 5 years! Very lucky to get in and get surgery so quick. Enough settling time for my America holiday in August. Vegas pool partys here i come
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