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  1. Hey I just sent you a friend request after reading you amazing story about dr ces. I've had my consult with him I'm just in the finally stages of tossing up between him and another surgeon. Please accept me so I can see your before and after photos thanks heaps! Hannah x

  2. Sounds like you had an awesome experience, sending FR as I'm thinking of booking in with him, have already had 2 consults with him but a little scared to book a date ;)

  3. over the last two months i've found they have dropped around 1cm, noticeable from my arm pit, they have come closer together and getting squishier
  4. love my teardrops! i think if i got rounds they would of been near my collar bone lol
  5. wow! who thought they would even make them that big
  6. believe me you're in the care of a medical professional everything will be ok easier said than done, but think of the happier things, like when you're all healed and you'll think back and think i wreaked my brain for nothing! i had my crazyness the first week after my BA, i broken down crying heavily 3 times over stupid things my sister and partner did/didnt do for me. i think at the time i was thinking, im different now, why did i do this blah blah. now, not even 2 weeks on im so much happier in general life because of my boobies positive thoughts!!
  7. i got a zip front sports one and its a little bit loose and comfortable (large C/D cup), so its good for sleeping and around the house but i won't wear it out. i got some of those seamless ones from target, size 16! im like an 10 bra size haha
  8. yay!! it's such a stomach butterfly crazy feeling huh
  9. i had drains because i went sub muscular and it was a tight fit (biggest implant i could go) dr ces didn't want there to be any more pressure than there already was. i thought they were disgusting and didn't even look at them the week i had them, partner squeezed the bags daily. both bags were full 700ml by the friday (surgery was on monday) one absolutely killed getting taken out and one i felt nothing it made a huge difference to my current result and furthermore
  10. the only bloating i had was from the meds clogging up my bowels which i took laxatives every two days to help movement, stomach looked so much better afterwards lol i had drains so assume the bloating from surgery didn't affect me
  11. thanks girls for reading and being positive about my experience i've been trying on clothes that i've worn once/twice in the past or even never (had them in my wardrobe for a rainy day i guess? lol) and OMG they make clothes look so much nicer!! best accessory a girl could ever buy
  12. $50 consult. $12,750 - surgical, anaesthetist, theatre, surgical bra, (polyurothane cohesive gel silicone) brazilian implants and all post operative visits directly with my surgeon. May had cost me more than what other surgeons charge (?) I love the fact he's clinic is 10 minutes from my house and I'm extremely happy to pay what I did for the result I received
  13. Congrats on your surgery!! Would love to see your results sending a FR if thts okay x

  14. Would love to follow your story more ;) FR sent xx

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