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    Dr Kim Harwood 4-6-13
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  1. Yes there's a tablet you can take called Norethisterone: "A hormone tablet called norethisterone can be prescribed by a Doctor
  2. Hi, I was in the same situation with my toddlers swimming lessons. My surgeon said 2wks out due to being a public pool then just take it easy. I was able to do the whole lesson apart from lifting him above head so I just lifted him within my comfort level. Make sure there is a ramp or something so u can get out after tho I didn't think about this then when it was time to get out I didn't have the upper strength to pull my self out and the instructor had to get me a step (shame)
  3. I was a 10aa after breastfeeding and after 315cc im now a full c small d your welcome to send a friend request.
  4. Hi I was 49kg 172cm and a 10aa I got 315cc high profile under muscle brazilions and now im a full 10c small 10d. I didn't tell anyone till after and no body had noticed until I told them.
  5. Hi, I also was keen on Fleming as my sister had hers with him and happy with the result but her recovery was pretty rough. I watched his dvd and was really happy with him but decided to book a consult with both Fleming and Harwood based on reviews on Harwood. After having both consults I felt 100% more comfortable with Harwood so went with him and glad I did my recovery was very easy and great results. My suggestion is have consults with both they are free and I even got mine both on the same day.
  6. Hi have you seen these bed mats? they go over sheets so a very quick change. You can also still use a normal waterproof mattress protector so if they have a 2nd accident during the night the bed is still covered. There is also bed wetting alarms you can get cheap on ebay. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Buddies-Extra-Absorbent-Bed-Pad-Mattress-Protector-Perfect-for-Incontinent-Needs-/370883757738?pt=AU_Bedding&var=&hash=item565a6506aa
  7. Hi Andy92, Thanks for the feedback I was really starting to worry especially seeing your pics nicely squishing together. That's fine showing your friend :)I really need to go and have my 6wk check up maybe next wk argh the stress of taking 2 toddlers on the train to the city scares me.
  8. Hi, I have updated my 9wk post op pics. Can anyone tell me if they look ok? They are still really firm and I cant move them anywhere I can also still see incision site when looking straight on. Im a bit worried they have not dropped
  9. Im 7wks post op and still cant push my breasts together to touch. Is this still too soon or should they be touching by now? I haven't been for my 6wk check - up yet but will try get in next wk.
  10. Im the opposite, My husband did all the bookings and research I really wanted to get it done but never really thought it would happen then in the mail came 2 consult appointments from 2 different surgeons my Husband secretly made for my 30th birthday. He came to my appointments and took in a list of questions he had compiled for both, I got to make the decisions on size not that there was much to consider there as the biggest I could get was 315cc anyway but my husband had already chosen Brazillians for me.
  11. Im interested im just 6 weeks post op now so would that be ok to start? Have to find someone to take my photo my husband will be away until the 30th grr
  12. Dostinex but its only a prescription drug. My sister had to get it last year after she lost her newborn most dr's will only prescribe it for a loss of baby as it has side effects.
  13. katee

    Itchy tits

    YES they were sooo itchy but only at night as soon as I got into bed they would start and the more I scratched the itchier they would be. I would try not think about it but as soon as I started to drift off to sleep I would automatically scratch and then it all started itching again was horrible lasted until about 4.5wks.
  14. I rang my surgeon when I found mine and he just said straight away on the phone that's what it was so I haven't had it checked again to confirm.
  15. I had 1 too sounds exactly the same as mine its pea sized and on the edge. My surgeon said its a lymph node.
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