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  1. Hi Naomi Just read you had an arm lift i am getting one done here in Perth and was wondering if you have any before and after pics to show Thanks
  2. Hi has anyone out there had an arm reduction with Tim hewitt if so can you tell me what the result was Thanks Linny
  3. Hi Clancy Thanks for the reply can you tell me who your surgeon is and are you in Perth, I would love to follow your story i am booked in for May All the best
  4. Hi everyone has anyone out there had an arm reduction i would be interested to know how it went and what the scaring was like Thanks
  5. Hi Tanlee yes i am glad it's all over now i am feeling great, I am still a bit tight but it's getting better every day just looking forward to xmas now so i can show my figure off, anyway nothing to be afraid of u will be fine and if you don't feel ready to go home the next day just tell the doctor and stay till you feel o k. Keep in touch and let me know how you get on good luck.
  6. Hi tanlee I had my tummy tuck 5 weeks ago in perth and it wasn't as bad as i thought, i was in for 4 days and back in work after 4 weeks. I would say the first week is about the worse but even then i wasn't in pain it just feels a bit tight after the muscles have been tightened up. As for having the procedure done in Thailand i was going to do that but glad i didn't as i think the flight home would have been uncomfortable. Hope this helps you if you have any more questions feel free to ask.
  7. Hi i had twilight for my BL/BA and i can honestly say you don,t know what's going on and i didn't feel a thing its fantastic and no sore throat after. Hope everything goes well.
  8. Hi cupcake i am new on here and thinking of having a TT can i ask you where you had yours done I live in perth and am looking for a good ps here Thanks Linny
  9. Hi LocoBurns can i ask who done your TT and was it done in Perth as i am in the process of looking for a doctor
  10. Hi i am new to this site and i am thinking of having a tummy tuck with Tim Hewitt.. Has any one out there had this done with him if so can you let me know how it went, were you happy with the results, and if you dont mind show me some pics. Also the price he charges does this include lipo as well. Thanks Linny
  11. Hi bellabelly i am thinking of having a TT and looking at tim can you let me know how it went prices, and before and after pics thanks Linny
  12. Hi i am also booked in for a BA and lift, my consultation is on the 6th May. I am also booked in the skyy hotel is anyone else over at the same time
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