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    Dr Kim Harwood 23rd July 2013
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  1. I went back to my small group exercise classes last week and did a fair amount of boxing, no problems at all.
  2. I know everyone's recovery is different, but I only really needed help for the first couple of days and really only to shower and dress, my partner put all his efforts into looking after the kids and getting them to school/daycare etc and keeping them out of my way. I just found everything more uncomfortable not really painful. For the first couple of weeks I used the dryer for the clothes but have been back hanging them on the line for over the past week. I'm 3.5 weeks out and today I was on my hands and knees laying carpet tiles in our new office without any problems or pain. The best thing that came out of this for me is that I have a heavy clingy 3.5yo who loved to be picked up and carried everywhere. I told the kids that I have hurt my back and that's why I was in bed for a couple of days. I have not had to pick her up since my BA, she understands when I say I can't because of my sore back. I just give her lots of cuddles while sitting down.
  3. Take care BeeNew, look after yourself and update us when you can, we were worried about you
  4. Hope you're ok BeeNew. Please let us know your ok when you can
  5. Good luck today BeeNew, I'll be thinking about you with everything crossed!
  6. Target have post op bras for about $20 each. I lived in one of those and the post op bra my surgeon gave me for the first week. I now prefer to wear the Target type of "Ahhh Bra".
  7. I fit that category and we are the same height and I'm a few kg heavier than you. I just updated my pics yesterday so I'll send you a FR.
  8. Have you asked Dr Harwood? I was able to leave my earrings in with him during surgery, so maybe they will be fine.
  9. Hope it's all going well for you!!!
  10. I've just posted some new pics as I'm 2 weeks post op. I've included a time lapse on of before, day of surgery and today.
  11. BeeNew, Sorry to hear you need a revision. I have everything crossed that it all works out for you!
  12. BeeNew, you really are doing amazing, so don't beat yourself up too much about it. I take my hat off to you home schooling 4 kids, to be honest I can't wait for my 2 to go to school tomorrow. If it makes you feel any better I looped out at my kids just now and sent them to bed and became the screaming lunatic mum! If I heard the whingeing voice of Mmmuuuummmmm.... again today I think I would have exploaded (literally... my boobs). My youngest bought home a lovely cough and cold from daycare at the end of last week, which she has shared around with us all. So I'm feeling like crap, my back aches, my boobs hurt and everytime I heard the word mum my boobs got tighter, I think because they are stressing me out and my muscles are tightening with rage. So no real advice here, just deep breaths and think this will pass and things will look much better soon!!! xxx
  13. About 3 days for us, just carefully He was more scared then me
  14. I'm no help for you BeeNew but I saw Dr H today for my follow-up so I don't think he's in surgery but I know he's busy with appointments as they did try to change mine around. I hope it's nothing to worry about.
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