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    August 27th 2013. Dr Val
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  1. I went with Dr Val and he was set on not going any bigger than 390cc XHP but on the day of my surgery I ended choosing to go 420cc XHP. My BWD was 11.4 so I was smaller than you. You should be able to fit at least 420s in there.
  2. I think they may be. Just give them a call.
  3. Uuuummmmmm. Huge. Lol Pre op I was an A cup and I now fit into a DD with 420cc XHP.
  4. I got sick the week before my surgery. I wasn't allowed to take vitamins so instead I kept up with orange juice and plenty of water.
  5. Did anybody have an extreme size difference between their boobs at 7 days post op? Looking at photos I took today, there's at least a cupsize difference. I know it's normal for them to deop at different rates but the extreme difference has got me concerned. Can anybody put my mind at ease and tell me that they will definitely even out?
  6. I had my surgery with Dr Val 4 days ago and so far so good. I have already recommended him to friends and family, however as everyone has alrrsdy said, they are all highly skilled surgeons.
  7. I went through the same thing, he recommended 390cc but I wanted to go that one bigger, so I contacted tci and they said that I can talk to Dr Val before my surgery. I ended up choosing the 420cc XHP just before I went in for my op.
  8. I have to sleep on an angle. I'm sleeping with 6 pillows aswell as a neck pillow. Not the most comfortable position I have ever been in.
  9. So far so good. I keep being sick when I wake up from a sleep so I'm thinking of stopping my codeine and seeing how I go after that. I've currently got some icepacks on my boobs because the bruising is quite tender. They've already dropped a little too so that is exciting.
  10. Thanks. Aw serious? I'm quite tempted to just sleep on my side but I don't want to ruin anything with my boobs so I'm just sucking it up. Instead I twist my body so my lower half is more lying on the sode and my top half is straight. Not the most comfortable position I have ever been in let me tell you. How long aho was your op?
  11. Just a quick question or two,, What is best to reduce sweeling and bruising? Icepacks, vitamins? Also, what vitamins can I take? I stopped taking a heap two weeks before my surgery so I'm wondering what I should take to assist with healing.
  12. I'm from the central coast so I only had to spend 1.5hours in the car to get there thankfully. Are you going through TCI?
  13. He was pretty good. I only really saw him for 5 minutes so I cant really say too much. I have my consult next tuesday so I guess I'll be able to say more.
  14. Thanks. I'm doing great. First sleep was really good. I only woke up for my meds at 4:40 and the practically straight back to sleep.
  15. Thankyou everyone, I cannot recommend TCI highly enough. I feel fantastic which is not what I was expecting. I'm not sure if it is the medication doing it's job or if I'm just so far having a good recovery process. I know is still early days yet . I took my endone around 10:40pm and just woke up for some panadene forte and I only took it because I had to. I felt pretty good but I would hate to have waited an hour and possibly have excruciating pain. My back hurts though from the awkward position I'm laying in. All I want to do is sleep on my side. Lol. Anyway. Back to sleep.
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