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    Dr Daniel Fleming -23rd may
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  1. Hey, just sent you a FR, hope you don't mind. I'm getting smaller implants and would love to see your results! :)

  2. Hi aimz, sent you a FR as I'm a smaller implant girl too :) would love to see how ours compare if you don't mind x

  3. Hello - I have just sent a friend request. I am planning on getting 380ccs (currently 10-12a) and I am surprised you have reached 10D with 250ccs! I am worried that 380 won't even get me to a D cup! I'd love to see your albums if you have any :)

  4. hi Desperate... iwanted bigger.. they were the biggest i could go... defs happy with them and to be honest any bigger would look dumb on me! these are plenty.. but im very small framed! my bf is a big guy and he loves them and is happy! go the 300 i say.. that barley and differnece! :) however i wanted the 290 and they wouldnt fit haha

  5. Thanks for the friend add. I'm wondering if you are happy with the size u chose in the end? I'm torn between 275-300 & notice a few girls wish they went bigger in the end?? Yours look amazing-I'm def after a natural look as opposed to bigger size :)

  6. i was an a.. and went to a small 10D with 250 cc mods...
  7. thats awesome that down there they are changing wiht the times!! here is a nightmare!
  8. the problem with pets in units is- usually- the body corporate dont allow... you can find some that do but they are rare again here in QLD anyways
  9. oh i know tenants lie... you would be supprised wat we know we have it in there to cover the owner and agency. we also understand that pets come indoors sometimes however expect that they 'live' outdoors most tenancys pets dont become an issue anyway.
  10. my full time job is a property manager 2 cats will be fine.. most woners are pretty open to pets these days.. i know our agency promotes pets to owners however our leases are outside animals only all you can do is apply! however i am in QLD so may be different
  11. if i was drunk enough i would do it lol
  12. i saved 12000 upfront but didnt spend anything for 3 months lol its a much better feeling if yo ucan do it
  13. no no i know your not being nasty
  14. i have a belly buttin ring and i didnt have too, but no earings or anything... prob would depend on your surgeon, hospital etc too
  15. that is just my personal view... in my industry nearly every client has fake books so i do see ALOT! maybe not as many as you don but probably up there! i think you can tell the difference on alot of people, and just from my own personal experience and what i got i think there are alot of factors that need to be taken into account for profile not just width.. plus sugababy knowing what suga wanted in the first place was the reason for my comment
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