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  1. thanks missaimeegilchrist... im now trying different ways of make up to see if I like my nose more often .. at times I just though- just go ahead and do it! look forward to meeting with a surgeon on Monday and will decide .. haha so excited!!
  2. Thanks ChinaDoll yes lucky that the surgeons I've met so far are not pushy or anything .. Will hear more honest opinions and go from there
  3. Thanks for your honest opinion Tango1192 my bf pretty much has the same opinion as you do I guess at the moment I'm trying to gather as much info as I can .. I'm a bit strange, some days I really want to have a new nose tips, other days I just like my natural one
  4. Hi Fox may I ask roughly how much to get it done at the surgeon's? did u mean ashton?
  5. Thanks ladies Yes usually I prefer a Dr to do it.. but Ive been seeing this RN for about 2 years since he was working in a reputable plastic surgeon's office.. after he left that office I still see him to get my injectable done cuz im quite happy with the result anyway. However lately the botox doesn't work on me anymore .. the RN said I might have developed a resistance on botox (lucky me!) .. I love botox too but not sure what to do now ...
  6. I have a friend who got her BA with Dr Brown too .. she went to him cuz her aunts and mom went to him as well .. not sure about my friend's measurement, but she was very happy with the result cuz they look pretty natural. good luck Miss Bec!
  7. Thank Dominic I think I will wait for 2 weeks for another consult with Dr to decide .. it is a tough one ..
  8. Hi all, just wondering if its generally better for Dr to do the injectable? as Dr are more well trained than nurse? Thanks
  9. Yes .. I think I can make my final decision about which surgeon & what procedure after I've met with dr mendelson in 2 weeks time!
  10. Hi kmwon yeah dr Kim told me that I have Mongolian eyelid? Similar to Heidi liow in that sbs program about race. That will be so much better if you have some local friends with you for the surgery!
  11. Thanks guys really appreciate your honest and precious opinions! i met with dr Bryan mendelson s advisor today. I was happy with the meeting as she was thorough and honest. The cost with Bryan was high and without the overnight stay. But the advisor was pretty honest and said maybe I should just do the eyes and see if that can positively change the nose by itself too . Advisor also said bryan might not do both surgeries at the same time cuz of medical issues- i gotta meet with bryan few weeks later to confirm more details I guess. If I can't do both a the same time I will just do the eyes I think ...
  12. I'm not sure about rhinoplasty , but I do know that double eyelid in asian is quite different from non Asians unfortunately
  13. Thanks Sassy Mamma will try to contact orange and see who her surgeon was xx
  14. thank you J .. I guess I just need someone to tell me that I'm not crazy or obsessed will be doing more research before I go under the knife
  15. Thanks Fox yes I think I'm mature enough to make such an important decision .. Haha and I'm trying to talk mom into doing the eyelid with me will be meeting dr mendelson s nurse tomorrow .. Getting excited
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