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  1. Hi Lozz68 I asked the question before about them droping. have you found that yours are dropping at all more and more over the past year. Iv been told that they sit up too high and stay that way and i think i want the more natural look. I dont know what to go with Thanks
  2. Thanks for posting merlin this is a great thread. so one thing that confuses me about brazilian implants is if the furry layer is completely dissolved by the body and they feel identical to non silimed implants then dose that mean they will eventually start to drop like like a non silimed implant?
  3. Thanks mummyof4 I really do think It all depends on the person aswell Im just going to expect nothing but the worst. My husband and I will be staying with our family in perth so when i get out of hospital ill have some help and also i want to stay close by for my post op appointments. my mum and dad will be staying at home with my kids so this will also be a nice brake away from them and hopefully recover faster. I wish you all the best mummyof4 happy your recovering well i have sent FR
  4. Wow Thanks JJMelb Everything you have just said my husband has said to me and he was deeply concerned about. you have now just put alot on my unanswered questions in perspective for me. Your Dr sounds great funny what he told you " no, that's between you, your personal trainer and the pie shop" ha i did have a giggle Thank you again
  5. Hi LadyLumps I live South East of perth so I will be Traverling to Perth for my surgery and staying with family no date set in concrete just yet My surgeon will be Dr T Cooper
  6. Thanks for posting this Renners I too would also like to know more about this as i am think of getting this included with my TT & BA surgery
  7. Thanks JJMelb It has been a hard road but has been so worth it Yes having a newborn and being in that much pain it was hard to enjoy the fact that i had a new baby. It was such a struggle to do even the smallest of things even picking up my baby. I had my mum and husband who where both such great help
  8. Wow this is a great Thread, But i do have a question that maybe you ladies can help me with I had a c-sect for my third & forth babys and it was HELL! I couldnt get out of bed at all for the first 4 days and couldnt stand up for long at all for weeks after that however i was also really over weight and now 3 years since my last baby i have lost 38kg do you think maybe why i was in so much pain is because i was so over weight unfit and not healthy at all? Im hoping that now that im alot fitter that i will recover alot easier. What do you all think?
  9. How very exciting LadyLumps I am hoping to do the same thing for my 31st birthday but in February next year however i cant have my surgery on the same day as my birthday due to it falling on a Saturday It will be a full body make over for me something i have been wanting for a very long time TT & BA and considering upper thigh lipo but my husband is not to keen on me getting liposuction, so well have to see wish you the best for your birthday surgery have sent FR
  10. This is a great list lady lumps. I have printed it out and im going to add to it as i need it. I still have plenty of time before i need to get this organised. Dose anyone know if i would need anything extra to add to the list for a TT as well? I will be having a TT & BA together early next year
  11. Yes Im a 2014 girl too. I havnt booked my date as yet but will be getting a TT&BA at the same time. End of Feb is looking good for us, Ill be going with Dr T Cooper in Perth. Loving how fast this year is going but i know it will slow down when the date gets closer:rolleyes:
  12. Sorry Dr Timothy Cooper not Geoff, Got confused with my normal doctors first name Ha
  13. Oh Great thank you Yeah thats what i have to decide now if i go with Brazilians or Textured:)
  14. Oh really? That long? Im going with Dr Geoff Cooper in perth, he was lovely Thanks so much I love all this info;)
  15. Thanks Loz89, We have been friends for a little while now. That dose help Thank you. How long dose the muscle hold on to the implant then and how long dose it take to fluff? Im having my BA early next year and its a very high chance ill be having Brazilians so im trying to find out everything about them Thanks again ladies
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