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  1. Can't be sure if Revise's was any cheaper, because the amount paid by insurance and the cost of anesthetist weren't mentioned. FYI revision usually costs more than primary.
  2. After the first week or 2 of taping (to control initial swelling), I think its all about lifestyle. Avoiding: strenuous exercise, chilli, too much alcohol, sleepless nights. My swelling appears to be all gone down, although every skin type is different, so your miles will vary.
  3. If you're a little hooked on either valium or xanax then its wise to think about when you'd like to quit. I mean, don't quit when you have too much going on (e.g., work commitments) because you can expect zero sleep for up to 5 days (literally no sleep). But once you pass the few days it takes the body to get off the drug you'll be fine. Also you can expect some mini-seizures or electric shocks for a few nites (yes its that nasty for a few nites, thats why you choose the day wisely). I don't think the "no energy" problems will be related to the surgery, but maybe your body is still healing in its own way, after all we're all unique. What scares me the most for you is that you got hit in the nose! But I think nearly everyone experiences that after this surgery, some people (myself included) even hit them selves somehow. I personally bumped my nose once or twice while I slept. The more important thing is not to wear sunglasses or apply pressure when washing etc. I'm so glad you got a nose so straight when the doctors said you wouldn't. That is amazing.
  4. Can't see the attachments ... removed or just a glitch at my end maybe? Anyways, how far post OP are you? Its normal to feel really low sometimes especially in the few weeks after the OP. Post-OP depression is a thing but not always indicative of a bad result. I had a life changing surgery recently for which I'm eternally grateful, but even I had to grow into the new look, and had some post OP blues too. Shoot me a PM any time, it would be great to see a quick before / after BUT its not necessary, maybe too soon still.
  5. What procedure are you getting Ethereal? I would suggest looking up a surgeon from the forums but also get your GP to recommended one too.
  6. This is all great news. Your surgeon did great. I guess its welcome to the not-deviated septum club. How long were you crooked for?
  7. Looking forward to your big reveal, be sure to post again when you're happy with the results. Cheers!
  8. I suggest contact the surgeon, or another surgeon for a second opinion. You look great to me, but a surgeon will know. From my limited experience, I think it should probably not be a step. I had rhino recently too, and found post op contact to be an important part of the recovery.
  9. Hi to valeria89 and finallyfixed. I would *love* to get in touch with Professor Somyos Kunachak. I have sent email to info@laser-surgery-bangkok.com a 5 days ago, and no reply. I have tried to call the phone number on their website but the person who finally answered my call couldn't hear me. I know "hello" in Thai but otherwise I can speak English only. If you could help me get in touch it would be a great honor. [Just a quick edit] Whoever can help me contact Prof. Somyos it would be life changing for me. Your help would make a difference in so many ways, financially and physically (he's the best for my complex revision). [Edit 2] First contact! I called the number again, and this time the receptionist passed me on to another who spoke English. They gave me a slighty different email address to the one above. So I sent them my photo and awaiting reply. No official contact with the Professor himself yet, but at least progress has been made. [Edit 3] All good. Now In touch by email Also thank you to anyone who has sent me a PM already, it is greatly appreciated. Cheers.
  10. I voted yes, but my my vote is that you need a consult with the best surgeon you can find, and then decide about if surgery is right for you. The reason I voted yes. (i) you saved up the money, this means you are sincere and committed. (ii) you know exactly what you want. That is great. If your surgeon is 100% confident and makes you feel confident about the result you want.
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