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    Radical Abdominoplasty, Muscle repair, Belt lipectomy Umbi hernia repair, lipo to outer thighs 25-10-2013

    possible second stage surgery 2014 boobs/upper back roll and inner thighs

    weight loss about 60kg (not banded)

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  1. i had lower body lift...umbilical hernia repair at one.. was under for 5 hours.. i initially asked for boobs to be done at well..but she thought that would be too much.. my surgeon does bottom half... but wont do the boobs in same surgery.... the other surgeon who i considered would do boobs and tummy... but not the back part of lower lift in same op. although many people have boobs and belly done at the same time i was grateful i didn't as i still had normal use of my arms to help me move around...but that would also have been easier without an all round body lift.. but now i think about the down time.. and the boobs might never get done...
  2. it will be tough.. i still needed an afternoon nap for the first 2 weeks..and was only doing very limited amount of house stuff in that time.. my kids are older.. but i still needed help just to get them fed..and washing done...and dishes done..etc.. does the 17 month old still nap.. will you be able to get them into the cot? you wont be able to lift... and also nappy changes... you wont be able to drive.. i would try to get some help for the next week at least... good luck
  3. I saw my surgeon today for a review (am about 4 months post op) and she said that the swelling is also made worse by the heat... And some people who have previously been fine sometimes get swollen over the summer months...
  4. I went back to exercise at around 6 weeks.. But got sore and swelling was worse... So backed off for a couple of weeks... I started doing gym classes again at 8 weeks and was doing the abs very tentatively.. after nearly 4 ,months I still swell! It was really bad for first 2 months... But still is there.. Does my head in some days when I look pregnant from the side... If the muscle repair is only minor you may have a better time though.... good luck.. You won't regret it
  5. Accepted fr worn out mum.... reminds me I need to get back and try again to get my before photos up... It kept giving me error messages..too large.. onto it...
  6. I had my umbilical hernia repaired at the same time as having the tuck...I asked about a ligation and the surgeon said I would be unlikely to have it done as it was entering the pelvic cavity... And the potential for infection increased hugely! You may be able to get a vaginal hysterectomy done rather than an abdominal or laparoscopic assisted one... Not sure what a partial one is? surgeon also said I would have to wait for some time after having the muscle repair to have the laparoscope done due to the muscle tightness... So I would try to get a ligation done first... good luck
  7. That part really should be in bold and italics.. Not once since I had it done have I regretted it...... (Well maybe fleeting seconds...) I would recommend anyone who is seriously thinking about it to go bite that bullet and check it out... It is a big op... But it is so worth it!!!!!
  8. Thanks Janet... Kind of good to know I'm not alone with the swelling...I can feel the knot at the top of the repair..but only if I look for it.. It doesn't bother me.. it is frustrating though.. sigh.... Wouldn't go back to before for a second despite the annoyance!
  9. I am about 3 months post op now.. and am still swelling... and when i go to the gym... i swell really badly.. so my question is.... will be swelling affect my recovery.. or damage the final result.. or is it just annoying??? ... I am trying to get back into normality.. which for me includes gym..(I instruct classes) I was advised that i would swell from the gym.. but i am not sure if i am hindering recovery.... if it is just annoying.. then i can put up with it... but i don't want to ruin the results.. my advise to someone else would probably be that it is your body's way of telling you that you are overdoing it... but i have been swelling all along...regardless of activity ( activity does make it worse) im not due to see plastics doc for another month (will see the surgeon that did the hernia next week...) thanks
  10. are you just having a tummy tuck? i would avoid anything around the waist for a couple of weeks... so yes dresses are ideal..- no problems with over the head ones.. loose trousers/shorts may be ok.. but would need adjustable waistline as swelling can be an issue for the first couple of months i wore undies and it didn't rub-or effect the incision line... don't forget there will also be a garment, and i didn't necessarily want to wash that every day.. so undies were a good plan.. good luck
  11. I dont know the answer.. but i do know that when breastfeeding you can get nipple thrush... which causes a really sharp pain in the nipples extending back through the breast.. maybe give the girls some sun (short periods) and maybe some nilstat cream (or like) until another answer???
  12. 10 weeks 2 days post op progressing well.. swelling is still major concern! Scar- all healed now.. the sides didn't progress to break down any more..and the part at the butt finally healed at 8-9 weeks... so no more taping or dressings !! finally!! I was taping for as long as i could but the micropore eventually began to irritate my skin..and it was getting itchy and slightly inflamed.. so no more tape! The scar is flat for the most part.. other than some puckering at the back.. worse when swollen.. I am not putting anything on it..but i do try to massage it to free up some lumpy bits that i can feel under the scarline.. Pain wise... all is good.. there is no pain for the majority of the time.. like for example .. i wear a torch on a lanyard at work.. and when walking along corridor i need to hold the torch because it swings and hits my tummy.. and also leaning on patients bed rails is very sensitive!.. i can now sneeze without pain.. but if there are more than 1 sneeze happening i have to grab tummy for the tightening and then spasm sensation.. which isn't what i would call pain.. but isn't pleasant.. Gym/Exercise... back to it without restrictions this week.. i have been to classes for the past 6 days...I am sore.. muscle DOMS sore.. which i love as only another gym junkie would understand how much the DOMS is a love-hate relationship! I was very ginger with the specific ab exercises.. and didnt do most of them... but also found other movements did work my core- for example- pushups on the toes... i could only hold that position for about 5 seconds.. if that... and flopped down to the knees... also it is weird.. i cant seem to tighten my core.. like before i could activate those muscles.. now i cant feel that sensation of tightening or pulling in.. or bracing.. or whatever you want to call it...it is good to be back into it- but frusrating to feel the fitness levels be so much less than before! Sleep- yah any position is comfy.. and i am back to tummy sleeping- but can feel the stretch when my arms go above my head.. Weight... the Christmas season wasn't good for me!!(or was too good?) and i have gained a few kgs.. ouch... i am back on track now.. but find it an ongoing struggle.. I am super keen though to see what my final shape will be and so will drop these extra kg and be ready when the swelling is finally over! I have gone up a cup size... looks like i have had the girls done as well (only when dressed) i am assuming i will gain weight in other areas.. and my bust seems like the place for it! not a big problem- if only it would fix the sag! My thighs also seem huge.. but im not sure if that is still the swelling as i had a bit of lipo on the outer thighs and the bits that are huge are also a bit numb and feel tight.. so either swollen or fat.. they are thunder thighs..and so still cant wear my jeans!... just as well it is summer and i am living in gym clothes or dresses... summary... am still really pleased i had it done!!! haven't regretted it for a second!! I am now back into the exercise and good nutrition seems to go hand in hand with that.. so i will be looking and feeling great by the time the swelling eventually goes! surely it wont take 12 months.. swell hell sucks! Happy New Year everyone!
  13. I didn't have the girls done... but i do train.. so i have just read this thread with interest!!! I have tried a variety of fat burners and thermogenic boosters... but found they were only good when i first started them.. and the effects wernt so noticeable the longer i took them.. and also sometimes i was working out morning and afternoon... so didnt want to overdo the stimulants.... i now just have strong coffee pre workout! I do have BCAA intra-workout.. but didn't go back to these until i returned to the gym.. and i always finish off with a protein shake.. my doc didnt say i needed to stop those... but i did have to stop fish oils 3 weeks prior surgery...and not restart till 3 weeks after. she was ok with me taking other supplements.. such as magnesium & vit c, ohh and quick note about the nipple pain.. some girls on here have mentioned the breastfeeding pads are good to reduce friction... and to hide the 'full beam'
  14. My doc said i was right to go whenever i felt comfortable..and if you choose what activities and what positions you will be able to go earlier!..
  15. Rest up... Shame that you got infected...but the antibiotics will clear it up soon... Maybe try some inner health capsules too?
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