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  1. @naomi49 glad to hear it went well! Yes it's so stressful choosing a size! I originally decided on 350-375, then showed the surgeon my inspiration pics and he said definitely 425-450. I agreed but then changed my mind later as I thought it might be too big. I've decided smaller but I really hope I've made the right decision. Basically the way I see it anything it better than what I have now!
  2. @danisg Yes I found the same problem! Really hard to find any information on them. They are actually part of the Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery. I've had a consultation with Edmund Ek and am booked in for surgery this Saturday. So far my experience has been great. When is your consult?
  3. @naomi49Hey! How did your surgery go today? All good I hope. Im having a BA and upper blepharoplasty (eyelids) with Edmund Ek at Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery. Going to get either 350cc, 375cc or 400cc. Currently an A and my goal is a C. What about you?
  4. I'm having mine on Saturday 12th November. I can't wait!
  5. Hi Ladies, I would love to hear any personal stories on coolsculpting. Last week I had a consultation with a surgeon for lipo on my outer thighs and lower abdomen. However, as I have a reasonably slimish figure, he advised I would be a good candidate for Cool Sculpting. I have since had a consult and have booked in for lower back, outer thighs and lower abdomen on 11 November - (the day prior to my BA & upper blepharoplasy).
  6. Hi ladies, how was your experience with Edmund Ek? I've got a consultation booked with him in two weeks. If all goes well I'm looking at surgery 2-3 weeks after that.
  7. Oh you can so tell I'm a newbie - I just realised this is the overseas forum!!! Lol! Whoops.
  8. Hi Kp87, Im looking at going through TCI in Parramatta. Haven't chosen which surgeon yet though. They all seem to have rave reviews from the ladies on this forum. :-) I'm currently an A but looking to be a full C to D. Will hopefully have upper eyelids done at the same time. What's the average price of a BA in Thailand?
  9. Hello! Yes, I'll be a 2014 boobie girl! It seems so long away, but this time next year the new assets will be on board! It will be my 30th pressie. Haven't booked yet but continuously stalking the forum. Lol.
  10. Thanks for posting. It's nice to hear how it all works. I think I'll be choosing TCI. Just wondering, did you have your initial consult and surgery on the same day? I'd be travelling from Melbourne so I guess I'd have to do the same thing too, or maybe the day before.
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