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    Wanting to get a BA
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    Still trying to decide on a surgeon but am hoping to book surgery for mid August
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    166cm, 52kgs, 10b (deflated from breastfeeding 2 bubbas) wanting to be a DD
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    full time mummy 2 two beautiful babies

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  1. When i saw my plastic surgeon they said I had to wait 4 months after I stopped breastfeeding to get a BA because the breasts don't return to normal until then
  2. Did you feel nervous about leaving your babies to go and have the surgery? I am worried that my babies will get upset and that no one will be able to soothe them while I am in surgery. My son has separation anxiety and hasn't been away from me for more then 30 mins in his whole life (13 months). I am not having my surgery until somewhere between December 2013 and March 2014 so I am hoping to have some trial runs where I leave him with my parents for a few hours and see how he goes. My next fear is dying during surgery, I know it won't happen but still scares me because I suffer with Von willebrands disease so the doctor explained they will have blood on standby in case I need a transfusion. Made me a bit frightened. Anyone else experience similar fears
  3. I have been doing a lot of research tonight and have decided 100% that I am going with natrelle 410 which are anatomical implants like my surgeon suggested. I have worked out that as long as you go high profile or xhp that they look very rounded but dont sit as high as rounds do. Google natrelle 410 before and after photos and look through them. I was so unsure until tonight but now i feel confident that they will look good. There are different height implants so i figure i wont be eligible for the high ones so the moderate or low ones have a roundish look.http://www.drpfeifer.com/gummy-bear-implants-new-york-city.html scroll down and look at the different profiles. the bottom one in the right corner is almost round!
  4. Tayo83 I can't send you a private message because it says your message inbox if full lol. But I am going to go with Dr Raja Sawhney. He quoted me $9700 (got a discount because he knows my father in law). He said 325cc tear drops but i am going to go one size bigger i think. I do think if i go round they will sit quite high and they measured from my collar bone to my nipple and its 17cm so i dont have a great deal of room. He said if they use xhp they will look like rounds so i am just going to trust him
  5. I think I am going with Dr Sawhney in southport. I have tried not coming on the site but I am home pretty much all day with the kids and have nothing better to do while they are playing lol.
  6. OMG Dr stradwick said the EXACT same thing to me and that he would rather not use a round because they will be forever sitting up around my collarbones! My bwd is 12cm too but i am 165cm tall and 52kgs. I am totally confused as what to do as well because one surgeon said round and then I have had two say anatomical. I am thinking about seeing a couple more surgeons to see what they say... I will send you a FR
  7. I have to wait until march so I have help with my kids.My mother in law will be home in march to help. I also am having trouble obtaining a loan from the bank and dont want to go through mac credit as they are soo expensive. Am searching around to find another broker with not as many fees and am trying to convince my parents to help me for a week so I can get them done in december or early Jan
  8. I am studying and have a toddler and a bubba but it's still hard not to get impatient! lol
  9. FR means friend request hun x when are you booked for surgery? I am thinking about getting anatomicals through him next march
  10. Feels like I have to wait a lifetime to get my boobs. March next year can't come fast enough. I have seriously become obsessed and it's doing my head in.
  11. I am looking at getting anatomical implants because my Dr thinks that because I have such high sitting breasts if I get round that they will sit up around my collarbone and wont drop much. Anyway my question is since both of you ladies already have anatomical, do you find they give you upper pole fullness?
  12. Anyone else check the site a heap of times over the last few days wondering when it would be back up?
  13. Wow that would have been soo scary! Lucky you found a good doctor! Are the tumours completely gone now?
  14. I used to get really bad cramps and vomit from the pain when I was in my teens but now I've had kids my periods are normal (but i am on the pill too)
  15. Hi McLeanM I have sent you a FR so I can keep track of your progress as I am thinking of getting my BA done through Dr Sawhney next year. Hope you don't mind.
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